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Looks like a cartoonish Fight Night that might have some potential for fun:





EA Announces FaceBreaker

Exclusive -- check out a new cartooney boxing franchise for PS3, 360 and Wii.

By Matt Leone, 01/30/2008

Electronic Arts' Fight Night games are many things -- some of the most visually-impressive titles in existence, the only boxing games that have been taken seriously in recent years, and some of EA Sports' best reviewed games.


But if there's one thing they're not, it's "funny." Since EA Chicago and EA Canada (who took over the franchise starting with Fight Night Round 3 on PS3) have established Fight Night as serious boxing brand, the company saw a gap in the market with room for a more lighthearted boxing game. Enter FaceBreaker for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, in development at EA Canada.



Looking somewhat like a cross between Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and Team Fortress 2, FaceBreaker is a cartooney boxing game that will literally let players break each others' faces (one of the features touted by EA is "real-time facial deformation"). According to EA's Peter Moore in a press release, "Arcade boxing takes me back to my roots in this industry, and this game signals our shift to adding more approachable fun to our product lineup."


Rather than use real boxers, the developers created fictional characters such as Romeo, "a Latin lover known for his pelvic thrusts," and Molotov, "an oversized Russian demolitions expert with a penchant for fighting dirty." Players will also be able to use the Game Face technology seen in games like Tiger Woods to transfer personal photos and make themselves into characters in the game.


For detailed information and more screenshots of FaceBreaker, look for an exclusive preview in the March 2008 issue of EGM, heading to subscribers soon and stores in about two weeks.

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Cause Fight Night was a market flop and they needed to try something different? Or because it was so successful they thought the audience would buy even more boxing games?


The Fight Night team was closed up after the last Def Jam. 2k has their realistic boxing game on the way so perhaps EA just wanted to counter with something very different. Fight Night sold quite well though so who knows?

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If the team closed up, then how can they claim "From the people who brought you fight night."? And are there people on the current team from the FN team?


Fight Night for the 360 was developed by EA Chicago.

Fight Night for the PS3 was developed/ported by another part of EA. This new game is by that same team. The original post even says that in the quoted article.


EA Chicago was closed. EA Canada wasn't.

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Looks like it could be fun.

I thought the first comment under the IGN article was funny,... and likely spot on.


"I can't wait to rent this game for 2 days."


Edit: Keith, this game sounds like it could fit the bill in your search for kid games.

It sounds like your daughter could give you a run with the simple game play. I can see it now, you use all of the strategy your adult brain can muster, and your daughter button mashes your face into the canvas. :lol

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Demo on its way shortly:


Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will be releasing a demo of Facebreaker for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 31.


According to reports, the demo will feature a total of three playable characters, Ice, Sparrow and Steve, in addition to two arenas, Booty Caves and Trailer Park. Bouts will last approximately 90 seconds.


Furthermore, the publisher is also including a Practice Mode in the demo, along with the ability to take advantage of the highly publicised Game Face technology, allowing gamers to map their own face to any one of the playable characters in the demo.

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To me just seems like another fighting game just with boxing gloves on. I was hoping it would have more of a boxing feel with a cartoonish twist.


I got the same sense. I'll try the demo but I'm not too excited about it. Maybe the demo will change my mind. Otherwise, bring on Fight Night 4.

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