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Culdcept Saga

Union Carbine

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I picked this up last week. So far, I've gotten past the third or forth stage (Coliseum 3) . I'd never played the previous, PS2 version nor have I ever played previous card battle games. However, the demo piqued my interest so I gave it a shot.


I like the strategy of building a deck then deploying it across the board, deciding whether to level up my existing lands, grab new ones, etc.


The games are LONG and it seems like nothing can be skipped to shorten them up (such as AI vs. AI battles, etc.) While a long game allow for multiple twists and turns in each player's fortunes, it is really inefficiently long and it becomes much more of a time-waster than it should be.


I like the card art but it would have been nice of the battles could have had a bit more too them (Eye of Judgment anyone?) and make them more interesting to watch than they are now, particularly since you are forced to watch them over and over again.


There is an actual story here but it is utterly clich? and forgettable. I wish that the world was the board and that the board itself became the journey instead of just artificial blocks of color superimposed on a background (see Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass). At least the cut-scenes can be skipped.


Overall, I'm enjoying the game but because each contest within the game is so long, I really only manage one a sitting. I haven't experienced any frustrating "cheating" AI yet but some players seem to have experienced it. I haven't tried anything online and I probably won't with the masses. Plus, the games are so long and can't be suspended online that I wonder how many games actually go all the way through to completion.

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Ill pick it up eventually, but at the moment I only play games in quick 30 minute play sessions, and the match's in culdcept take too long


One other thing, I really like in Puzzle Quest how the RPG elements are layered onto the basic puzzle game- how the player evolves, gaining new abilities and equipment as he progresses through the story. In Saga, there is a story but the hero doesn't progress at all beyond receiving new cards and getting some new costume options. I think some RPG elements could have really added to the game and I found myself looking for them and being disappointed by their absence.

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I was all set to get this game. I really liked the idea of a card battle game where I wouldn't have to spend tons of money to get a bunch of cards, etc. After hearing the little bit here and some of the reviews online, I'm now thinking of passing until it hits the bargain bin. I don't get a huge amount of time to play, so time-consuming battles are a big negative to me. You can save in the middle?

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Yeah, and I have played both. DMoM&M was decent fun, but it didn't do too much for me. I was reading some things in the old thread on that game and I think I have decided to pass on it.


I enjoyed the Culdcept demo. Right now, I'm leaning towards getting it since I can do it essentially for free, though the time commitment is still something I am thinking about.

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I finally played some of this over the weekend. I managed to get to Colisseum 3 and have a suspended game in that stage, but I am sure to lose that. It seems to me that I probably need to go back and replay the earlier stages to try and get more cards. The main opponent at C3 just has some pretty heavy hitting creatures that there is little I can do to beat him.


Overall, I am enjoying the game. The story so far is pretty standard, but nothing so bad as to be offensive or off-putting. Graphically there isn't much to highlight, but being a card battle game I won't take points off for that. It does seem like a challenging and time-intensive game, but I like it.

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