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Early Happy Birthday to Dean

Bruce B

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Just looked on the calendar and saw that our old cranky bitch friend(and my life partner) Dean will be turning 33 on Sunday, which is coincidentally the number of times he has called Microsoft support for his 360.


Here is a little Q&A for my buddy.


1. How did you get to be such a Microsoft fanboy? Are you in Bill Gates back pocket?


2. Who do people most say you look like?

A. A Garden gnome

B. Herv? Villechaize

C. Richard Simmons

D. One of the Village People


3. Pitch or Catch?


4. Fully shaved or landing strip?


5. Why do you think women are "icky"?


6. Is it true that you wrote a letter to the creators of Rock Band demanding that they incorporate a skin flute as an instrument?


7. Do you love the smell of Napalm in the morning?


8. How many George Michael concerts have you attended? Did you get a "backstage pass"?


9. What have you seen more? The red ring of death, or the brown puckered ring of life?


By the way, also happy 30th to Romier and 27th to Kelley. Long live LCVG!

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