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Banana Plugs - Wholly Expensive


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So I have an Onkyo 605 and want to put banana plugs on my speaker wire going into them. Because it should make it so much easier, right?


Anyway, they're so expensive. Almost not worth it! Recommend any place to get them?


Also I am confused. The whole point of these things is to make plugging speaker wire into your receiver easier. So what the hell is this:



Why would you ever top load the speaker wire like that? That ruins the whole point. It would be just as difficult plugging seven pairs of this crap above as it would be to just connect it directly to my receiver. What the hell is going on above?

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Green and Zot are my heroes. They've answered every HT question I have. Monoprice is by far the best deal.




I spent / spend too much time doing HT research. I used to have a job with a lot of time to kill in front of a computer.


Monoprice for all your HT needs! Hell, I picked up a firewire PCI card for my PC on the cheap from there for like $9 or something ;)

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