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Red Alert 3 On The Way!


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EALA teased recently teased that a huge top secret game was in development and thoughts immediately turned to Red Alert 3.... and that's exactly what it is. No details yet on the game, but PC Gamer has the exclusive here in North America and they've released their cover for it.




Red Alert 2 is my favorite RTS of all time. The speed, the crazy units and storyline all combined for a really fun game. I had pretty low expectations for it though after the disappointment of C&C2... and I have pretty low expectations for this since both Generals and C&C3 never grabbed me.


I hope there's no fog of war... but I'm pretty sure there will be.

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Debut trailer for Red Alert 3. Looks pretty good. The trailer has a pretty heavy focus on the naval stuff so I wonder just how big a part they're going to play in the game (It was an aspect I both loved and hated in the other Red Alert games). The water looks good, but kind of looks more like Pool water than the ocean.

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