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My DVD Player regressed to the 1960's

Mark E

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Ok, now here's an "interesting" problem I'd never encountered before that needs some toute suite resolution. I've been jonesing on Doctor Who DVDs lately as my entertainment of choice and picked up a couple of the black and white ones. Now, these have a cute menu trick where the entire thing (FBI warnings, etc) is in black and white.


Fine, I think, nostalgia and all, cute. Well, my DVD player is now stick in freakin' black and white mode and I have no idea how to get my damn color back! Has anybody had any experience with this or heard of similar? I'm running a Sony 550D player and the DVD(s) in question were The Dalek Invasion of Earth and/or Tomb of the Cybermen.


Bless you anybody who can think of a solution :P.

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Basically, S-Video carries the chroma (color) and luminance (B&W light intensity) on seperate pins, where composite cables (i.e. the normal little yellow one) mixes them and carries them on the same signal. This is actually the reason why you get a picture quality improvement with S-Video, because the video display doesn't have to seperate a composite signal into chroma and luminance (aka Y/C seperation or a "comb filter"). Since all you're getting is B&W with S-Video, it sounds like the chroma signal just isn't getting transmitted on your S-Video cable. It could just be a bad cable (most likely and easiest to fix), or bent pins on one of the connectors (if it's not one of these two, you've probably got a nastier problem ;)). Try a different S-Video cable and see what happens.

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Good catch guys, it was in fact the S-video cable. I guess it was just a random unfortunate co-happening with my watching of Doctor Who. I took the s-video off and noticed the end connecting the TV was slightly bent out of shape and I just did a little readjusting and voila, sharp color again.


Thanks for the advice all, though I'd figured it out before I read the forum again ;). But it's nice to know you guys were right on the money in case something breaks in future :P.

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