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Skins - UK TV Show


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I was just wondering if there is anybody on LCVG that enjoys watching this TV show? Season Two started on Feb. 11/08 and it picks up 6 months after the shocking cliff-hanging ending of Season one.


I really liked how this episode was centered around Maxie and Tony. I can't believe Tony managed to survive what happened to him. Also, Maxie can dance! Wow. The boy has moves that's for sure!


Here's a brief description of the show and it's main characters.


Skins revolves around the lives of a group of 18 year-old friends who live in Bristol, England. The Dawson Brothers claim the series represents the everyday lives of adolescents. The group includes a popular boy, his girlfriend, a geek, a Muslim boy, a gay character, a girl with eating disorder, an intelligent and privileged girl with family problems, and a party animal in love with his teacher. These characters attend the fictional Roundview Sixth Form College in Bristol. Each installment has a self-contained theme focusing on each different character respectively, but there are several story arcs that span different episodes.


Main Characters:


Tony Stonem:

Tony first seems to be every parent's dream: he is handsome, popular, does well in school, and has the eye of many girls at his school. There is a dark side to his personality, however. The flip side of Tony's charm and self-confidence is an arrogant belief in his own superiority, but no one seems to notice his possibly sociopathic tendencies.


Maxxie Oliver:

Portrayed as a proud, openly gay teenager who also has status as one of the lads amongst his peers; being gay is only incidental to his character. He is portrayed as a proficient tap dancer, brilliant artist, seductive, well-liked and well-adjusted. He is something of a comedian.


Michelle Richardson:

Michelle is portrayed initially as primarily interested in serving her boyfriend Tony's needs and in "looking shaggable" which she places as her primary function.


Chris Miles:

portrayed as being very into pills and as being something of a party animal, but at the same time has other layers to his personality.


Jal Fazer:

a highly talented and intellectual teenager, she defies various stereotypes. Her school is quick to take pride in (and responsibility for) a young black student being so successful, despite carrying little interest in the naturally gifted Jal. She is very straightforward and self aware.


Anwar Kharral:

Anwar is portrayed as a young Muslim boy with overbearing Pakistani parents that attempt to regulate both his faith and his life outside of the mosque. He is not a very devout Muslim, he takes drugs, drinks, eats pork and has premarital sex; although he does pray five times a day and believes that homosexuality goes against Allah. His best friends are Chris and Maxxie, although his views on Maxxie's homosexuality sometimes puts a strain on their friendship. He does lament that as a Muslim boy, he feels he has no choice in his faith.



Cassie is portrayed as a very complex character. She appears to suffer from anorexia nervosa, bulimia, self harm, drug addiction and low self esteem. For all of her neuroses, however, she is a very compassionate, loving person.


Sid Jenkins:

Sid is portrayed as an unlucky virgin who is in love with his best friend Tony's girlfriend, Michelle. He is frequently unlucky: losing expensive weed, getting beaten up by Jal's brothers, getting urinated on by a dog and a homeless person. He is also at first oblivious to the machinations of his best friend who, aware of Sid's undying adoration of Michelle, exploits it for his amusement.


Effy Stonem:

She is Tony's tearaway sister and the only person he truly cares about. She enjoys to go out at night and party. She has a deep obsession with her lighter and candles, and stares into flames, rarely if ever saying a word.




Anyways any other fans out there? This is kind of like the UK version of Degrassi Junior High. But way, way better!

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