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EA's Playground: Nintendo WII


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I couldn't find a thread on this...



We picked EA's Playground this afternoon as a new title for us to play on the Wii. I have to say after what we played of it, it's a blast.


It's got single player up to 4 player modes. You select your character much like a Mii and away you go.


The games being offered:


Dodgeball - which is a hoot

Paper Airplanes - guide a paper airplane thru the hallway using the controller. It's more fun than you think.

Tetherball - it's quite a workout.

Wall Ball - which is more like handball and is a blast.

Slot Car Racing - can get a bit dizzying.

Dart Shootout which is more like Nerf Paintball


There are 8 or 9 games total so it's a value to me. I know other games offer more mini games but these are a good party atmosphere type games to play. Anyone from 5 years old up to 60 and beyond are safe playing it.


None of these require a nunchuck so it's just basic Wii mote movements. Games are simple enough that anyone can play.

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