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John Woo's Stranglehold - New Action game from Midway

Romier S

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One word...NEAT!


New Santa Monica-based interactive entertainment studio Tiger Hill Entertainment, which is backed by movie director John Woo, has today announced that it's entered into a multi-year partnership with Sega. The companies plan to co-create and publish games based on both original and existing John Woo and Sega properties. Tiger Hill Entertainment's mission, according to today's press release, is to redefine the action adventure genre through its innovative approach to development at production. The formation of Tiger Hill Entertainment partnership with Sega announced today marks the first time that a filmmaker and a video game developer will work together on original properties to be developed into video games.


"Interactive entertainment has quickly become a mainstay in the entertainment industry," said John Woo. "With games being cinematic by nature, it only makes sense to bridge the gap between filmmaker and game developer to deliver the ultimate action/adventure gaming experience. The formation of Tiger Hill Entertainment and the company's partnership with video game industry veteran Sega will deliver that experience."


"John Woo's incredible sense for action films and his deep story telling abilities combined with Sega's innovative approach to game development will help shape the future of action/adventure games in this industry," said Shinobu Toyoda, executive vice president of content strategy and business development, Sega of America, Inc.


The official Tiger Hill Web site contains brief descriptions of three games that are already in development at the company, although no specific platforms or release dates have been announced at this time. The three games announced to date are as follows:



You'll assume the role of an assassin who, after being murdered during a contract, is sent to Hell. If you're able to escape the eighteen levels of what the lead character determines is Buddhist Hell, you'll have a chance to avenge your death back on Earth and return to the woman you love.



You'll play the estranged son of a world-class thief whose father is ironically killed in his own home by a common burglar. With no experience but a number of tool left behind your father, you turn to common thievery and set out to avenge your father's death.



The game will revolve around two men on opposite sides of the law whose lives become intertwined when the son of a cop is murdered and the blame is laid on an innocent gang leader. It's not yet clear which character or characters you'll get to play as in the game.




Source: http://www.gamespot.com/all/news/news_6027130.html

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The new IGN Weekly video has a bunch of new footage for this. It all takes place in the same area they keep showing, a bar I guess, but shows much more interaction with the enviornment. Sliding down rails then jumping off the wall all in slow motion taking multiple targets out. Diving onto rolling carts and blasting guys all the while. Having rockets blasted at those pillars and diving out just in time. It's looking pretty good.



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Would you pay an additional $10 for the Collector's Edition of Stranglehold if it contained the full-length feature film Hard Boiled, directed by John Woo, in High Definition?


Hell yes I would. I usually get the collector's editions of games I want anyways just for the cool packaging and the extra stuff that I look at once and then forget. Hard Boiled is my favorite Woo flick, and one of my favorite actions movies of all time.

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Time to resurrect this thread and bring it some relevant information. Stanglehold has been proceeding down its development path and is nearly here. The rumors mentioned earlier about Hard Boiled...are true! The Playstation 3 Collector's Edition of the game will include the original Hard Boiled film for an extra $10. No word outside of a quick blurb at the top of the news article on whether the film is truly going to be in high definition or not (hopefully!) but here's the full bit of info on it:




This summer, Midway Games expects to ship Stranglehold for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Today, gamers sitting on the fence about which version to buy got an incentive to pick up the PS3 version--or, more accurately, the special Collector's Edition for the PS3.


Like many collector's editions, Stranglehold: CE will have special packaging and a slightly higher price point of $69.99, $10 more than the regular version. However, the boxed set will have one major extra--a full-length copy of Hard Boiled, a 1992 Hong Kong action film. Both the game and the movie will be on the same Blu-ray disc.


Directed by John Woo, Hard Boiled follows Inspector "Tequila" Yuen, a maverick Hong Kong police detective, as he brings down a ring of vicious gunrunners. Though it features some similar scenes, including a take on the iconic tea house shootout, Strangehold is intended as a sequel to the film. In both, Tequila is played by Chow Yun-Fat, whose likeness, voice, and motion-captured movements appear in the game, which is being codeveloped by Woo's Tiger Hill games studio and Midway Chicago.

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...and it looks like the Hard Boiled release on the disc WILL be high definition!




In addition to the game, which continues the story of Inspector Tequila (Chow Yun-Fat), a PS3 collector's edition ($70) of the game will also include a full-length remastered high-def version of the 1992 film Hard Boiled, the Hong Kong action film starring the character.


PS3 games are stored on Blu-ray discs, which can hold up to 50 Gigabytes of video and game content. A new 15th anniversary DVD will be issued this summer, too — the DVD has been out of print for several years.

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If it is in HD...SOLD!!! I love Hard Boiled. Got the chance to see it in a theater years back (along with The Killer) and it's been one of my favorite action movies. If not HD, maybe sold anyway as playing a game with the character of Tequila is just too tempting.

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I never understood the appeal of Hard Boiled. I found it boring and just silly.


That said, I can see how the style would lend itself well to a video game. Silly action works well in this medium so I'm somewhat interested in the game. Make it more Max Payne with zero parts Dead to rights/50 Cent and I'll be happy.

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