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Tetris Worlds Online...

Romier S

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Yes I realize there seems to be a mountain of new Live titles coming. With Midnight Club 2 out, Midtown Madness 3 on the way as well as the always superb MotoGP 2 taking up most peoples time I can see how it would be easy to overlook this wittle release :wink:


Seriously though I picked up the game last night and what can I say, its Tetris! There is something surreal about playing Tetris to Marilyn Manson and VNVNation but hey it sure helps my block moving skills. Looking to give the Live component a try soon so I'm calling out my Tetris homies!


Anyone who happens to pick this one up let me know and we can play a few rounds online. Should be a hoot.

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If I can find Tetris at my local game store, I'll pick it up today. As a matter of fact, I'll call them right now.


Joey, I know what you mean about MC2. I love the single player game, but MM3 multiplayer has spoiled me. I don't know if I'll ever play MC2 online.

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Ok, I bought it this morning. I'd forgtotten how much fun Tetris is. Even with the new stuff added to it, it's a lot of fun, and I can semi-tailor the game options to make it more like the "old" Tetris if I want to.


Can't wait to play against some of you online!

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I have this as well, got it with the new Xbox Live kit, idn't even know it was the full version.


I'll need to get used to the controls a bit, since 95% of the tetris I played was on my old Gameboy, all my muscle memory for Tetris is tied up in that configuration.

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