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APB (new MMO)


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I think you'd be surprised how many people want to be the good guys. Although it'll depend somewhat on how compelling it is to be a cop. Standing around eating doughnuts waiting to get a call doesn't sound quite as interesting as pillaging and looting whenever you can.


The concept sounds interesting, and I like the idea of the game matching up cops and robbers based on numbers as well as abilities.


I wonder about a few things though on how it will actually play out. What is there to do if you're not robbing or enforcing? What happens if the cop(s) who get the call don't respond? What's going to be involved in getting crimes, committing them, and stopping then that won't just be regular MMORPG stuff?


I'm sure we'll be finding out more and I'm somewhat anxious to find out more.

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As evidenced by the massive outnumbering of Horde by Alliance in WoW. Although I'd consider the Horde the "good guys" myself... :)


Two words: Barrens Chat


It's even worse on our server now, as Trade Chat is the new Barrens Chat, even harder to escape.

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