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Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection


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Amazon now shows it in stock. Only $30 for the Wii for 10 awesome pinball tables with free shippng!


I placed my order. You should too.





It's also available for the PSP and PS2.




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Here' the list of tables:


Gorgar, Pinbot, Funhouse, Black Knight, Space Shuttle, Whirlwind, Firepower, Taxi, Jive Time & Sorcerer.


For the Wii, you can hold the nunchuck in one hand and the remote in another to operate the left/right flippers. Just like real pinball. Nudge the table by shaking either controller.


There are also "Achievements" to unlock after performing specific tasks - when we played Pinbot, we got an "Achievement" for opening up the visor twice.


From the IGN Hand's on. Which was a while back, July 2007.




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Crave has made a Pinball Hall of Fame: Gottlieb collection for the Gameboy, Xbox, and PSP that you might be able to find. I was never a big fan of any Gottlieb machines, so I didn't care to pick this one up. Ed reviewed it for the PSP here.


For the DS, I highly recommend Metroid Prime Pinball. For the gameboy advance, Pokemon Pinball is also very good.


Dream Pinball 3D is coming in March for the Wii and DS, and will have 6 original pinball machines.


The pinball game on XBL Arcade has some really fun tables too.


then there's Odama for the gamecube, which sounded really promising, but from reviews I've read didn't deliver very well. I stayed away from it. Did any of us actually play it? I just checked and it's available at Amazon for $20 with the Mic. Any takers?




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I got the game yesterday, and I'm in love.



The presentation is really well done. You enter an arcade, and as you switch from table to table, you pass by other vintage arcade games. There is a setting for "ambient noise" which will make you feel like you're in an arcade. With this setting on, you will hear sound effects from other nearby arcade machines. You can adjust the volume of this feature, or turn it off altogether.


Game sound-effects are spot on perfect. Everything from the annoying "Hey comrade!" in Taxi to the rapidly increasing heartbeat in Gorgar are all just as I remember.


Playing this is stepping into a time machine for me. In my first attempt at college, I majored in Pinbot, and here it is, flawlessly reproduced. Gone are the weak flippers and non-working spinners from Whirlwind, or the broken "Rudy" in funhouse. It's like walking into an arcade where the pinball games are all meticulously maintained.


The available pinball machines are: Gorgar, Pinbot, Funhouse, Black Knight, Space Shuttle, Whirlwind, Firepower, Taxi, Jive Time & Sorcerer.


The tables are perfect. I sampled each of the 10 and the physics are excellent. The "smart cam" is exactly that, zooming in and out and following the action perfectly. There are 5 smart-cam settings, each a different viewing angle and zoom level. There is also a full view mode, which automatically kicks in whenever you activate multi-ball.


There's a "call attendant" option when you pause the game. I imagine you would press that if the ball ever got stuck. I tried it with the ball held by my flipper, and it stated that the ball wasn't stuck and didn't need to be reset at this time.


Not sure what to do to rack up the points and complete objectives? No problem. Before playing a machine, there are guided instructions (with voice) for each table telling you exacly how to beat the game, with a camera zooming to each section of the machine as the voice describes it.


For skil-shots, the Wii analogue stick on the nunchuk works perfectly. I find myself using my right hand to pull back on the stick and release, rather than just using my thumb. This helps with the finesse factor. There are different plunger-cam settings too so you can see just how far back you are pulling the plunger.


Bumping the tables is accomplished with just a flick of either the controller or the nunchuk. I wish there was a way to bump the table straight forward, but left and right seem to suffice.


The achievement system is really nice. As you complete goals, relatively simple at first, you unlock features such as putting the tables in free-play mode. Other unlockables, which I haven't gotten yet, include custom balls, Tilt, and mirror-mode. After beating the initial set of goals, new, harder "Wizard" goals are unlocked.


The drawbacks are very minor. Before starting the game, there is a camera flyover that is blocked by the "start game" menu. I wish they would allow you to see this without any obstruction.


Also, the angle of the tables seem less steep than I recall, which makes it just a bit harder to hold the ball on your flippers on some tables. Perhaps the evil owners of the arcades I used to play at made it steeper on purpose to try to make you lose. I'm getting used to the lesser angle, though, and I'm sure these angles are what the originals should have been.


If you fondly remember these pinball machines from your youth, or just want to play some of the best old-school tables ever made, this game should be a no-brainer. It is the best pinball game I have ever played, and with 10 tables to master, it will keep you busy for plenty of hours.




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I saw something that was neato. Went to the movies on Saturday night at the newest local theaters. They had a little arcade so I was duty bound to check it out. The coolest thing in there was a pinball machine where the entire table surface was an LCD screen. You used the flippers to scroll between tops until you found the one you wanted, then selct it and *bingo* the top becomes that pinball table. It must have been a Williams machine because it had Pinbot and Funhouse as selectable tops (among others.) I didn't play it, but it was darn cool.

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I got this for my recent birthday. My friend has quite a few of these games in his house so this is about as close to going over there and playing as I could have imagined. The graphics on the WII version while in the arcade are horrible but once you start playing, they work nicely. I'm glad I got the WII version because the nunchuck and wiimote work beautifully to recreate the pinball experience. Just playing Space Shuttle reminded me of my youth.


My only regret is Williams didn't put out any recent games on this such as Addams's Family, Twilight Zone or Medieval Madness just to name a few.


If you are looking for a good deal, just head to Sam's. They have it for $20 sealed.


A great deal.

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Man, I need to pick this up. I'm seriously considering buying one of the real vintage Williams tables from the 90's like Star Trek: TNG or Addams Family...


Way back, my uncle had any arcade and he had the Addams Family table. I loved it, it had a great design. I'm picking up this collection, already pre-ordered. I'm not sure why it costs more for the PS3, but I'm getting it for the 360 anyway.

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