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LCVG Gaming Schedule 02/25 - 02/29


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No phil and gaming schedule this week!? :(


Well I don't know what to say guys. Nobody is showing right now for anything, but I thought I'd post this just incase somebody wanted to do something.


So good luck and have fun this week.



Monday 02/25 till Friday 02/29.

Time: You decide.

Game: You decide.



Anyways if you have any ideas for something posted them here.

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I can attempt to host. I know that I'm in the same boat as you Ian as far as how many can join (8) and clueless on how to set up games. But I just got home from work so I can play around with some settings and see what I can accomplish.


We'll do the same password as last time: LCVG


I post my findings after I practice setting up games.


How many people that are planning on playing tonight have the expansion pack???

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Alright I setup a series of map rotation (5 maps) maximized for 8 players. I will have the room up and running at 9PM (EST). The server will be named LCVG with the password: LCVG. Sync your headsets before you boot up Warhawk.


The map rotation consists of only Deathmatch games. Some of which are for ground fighting only, some are for a mix of all and there is a Dogfight map (only Warhawks).


I didn't bother using the expansion map and didn't enable the Dropships because the maps end up being way too big for only 8 people. If there are only a few of us, I say we jump online with the masses and get involved in some larger games (enabling the dropships etc.).


So who's in besides Ian and me???

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