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Frisky Dingo


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Sad Boosh. Adult Swim has cancelled The Xtacles, or shall I say, not ordered any more episodes after the initial ones. Worst of all is 70-30 has closed up as well with everyone going off in separate directions. So basically no Frisky Dingo Season 3, which makes me a very sad panda. :(


Adam Reed had taken some time off after S2, which is why The X-Tacles was made instead of the next iteration of Frisky Dingo. Apparently Matt is working on a new pilot for Adult Swim and Adam Reed is working on something for FX. I will probably love both and look forward to them!


Someone on the linked to forum summed it up nicely:


Though I can't even articulate how pissed/depressed I am about this whole situation, I can't say I'm not surprised. Even when Sealab was on, it seemed like it went over a lot of peoples heads and never got the respect it deserved. The situation was the same with Frisky Dingo, only multiplied ten-fold. FD had some of the best and funniest writing I've ever heard in a TV on AS or any other network.


The worst is I could've really grown to love The Xtacles but now I'll never get the chance.


Guess it's time to change my sig.



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