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Star Trek films revisited...


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Was in the mood for some Trek, and realized I haven't seen Nemesis I think since it came out in the theaters!

I found the 2 disc edition at a store at a great price and said, what the hell.

When I watched it, I surprised myself at finding that it wasn't as bad a film as I thought I remembered it being. Maybe because I was able to just relax and take my time viewing it at home where in the theater there's just too much going on. People around me, nachos on my lap and someone's old soda on the floor sticking to my shoes.

But I was able to digest the film a little bit better and get the feel for it this time around.

Not saying it's some fantastic movie, cause it's not, but it's a very enjoyable film, and to me at least, a good Star Trek film.

It took a good, much needed turn with the arc of the characters, yes, even the death of Data.

But even though it "tied" things up so to speak, it DID leave the possibility of another TNG film, should the powers that be decide it.

I'd even say continuing the TNG cast along with maybe the DS9 cast and starting a line of films with them?

Anyway, just some rambling about Trek, seeing as the new one is on the horizon. Which btw, I am excited about as well.

In that spirit, I think I may have to revisit Wrath Of Khan here soon!


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Well, I'm of that age when the OS was actually on TV. Maybe it's seeing Kirk & Co. still fairly young, maybe it's seeing those who have passed, but I like the scope of the movie; Wise managed to give it a look that I don't believe the other movies could match. Now, I'm no Trekker (although I did get to meet Jimmy Doohan in Seattle shortly after the release of TMP), more of a casual fan, so I can't delve into the many facets of OS vs. TNG, but I just enjoyed the OS films more than the others. Generations? Okay. First Contact? Much better.

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I like First Contact, Wraith of Khan, Voyage Home and The undiscovered country. In that order.


As for TV shows. I liked the war years of Deep Space Nine the best. I even liked Enterprise too. Too bad they canned it just as it was getting good!


My favourite crossover between all of the show Mirror Universe.

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...maybe it's seeing those who have passed, but I like the scope of the movie; Wise managed to give it a look that I don't believe the other movies could match.
I agree. Khan is my favorite but TMP is not that far off.
...but I just enjoyed the OS films more than the others.
Same here but then I like the OS much more than TNG, DS9, et al.
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I like pretty much all Trek (with the exception of Enterprise). I can even enjoy Voyager at times. I like DS9 the best of any of the series when taken as a whole, although two of my favorite all-time Trek episodes are from TNG (Tapestry and Darmok). The movies on the other hand, are a whole different thing. Nemesis is absolute crap. The biggest problem with the TNG movies (with the exception of First Contact) is that they focus too much on Picard and Data...a necessary evil, but the strength of TNG (and DS9 as well) was ensemble nature of the cast. Everybody had a few episodes a season to shine, or at least the opportunity to shine. First Contact is really the only TNG movie that is any good...and its VERY good, which for me just makes the others stand out as being incredibly bad. Kirk should never have died in such a blah manner.

TOS movies don't suffer as much in comparison to the TV show because the TV show was 95% about the Kirk/Spock/McCoy troika, as were the movies. Wrath of Khan is almost perfect. Search for Spock is decent, Voyage Home is good fun and Undiscovered Country is great, and would be as good as Khan if they weren't so OLD :).

The Motion Picture is extremely boring to me. Can't stand it. And the less said about The Search for God, I mean The Final Frontier, the better. Yeesh.

Of course, I love DS9, but there's just no way a movie would work. At least none that I can think of. Talk about character-driven!

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I love many TOS movies, however TMP is not one of them


and to my mind remains the most epic and SF oriented of all the Star Trek pictures.


And the most sleep inducing movie I have ever seen. I am a huge Trek fan. Seen every movie, and every episode of every trek series many times. Even the animated series, and read most of the books. The Motion picture is the only thing in the franchise I have not watched in one sitting. Every single time i watch it I fall asleep. It can be 8 am and I just woke up and it will still put me down. It's like a sleeping pill.

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Actually, I like bits and pieces of both. Watched the original version on laser disc a while back and actually like the Old School planet Vulcan look than the director's cut. And, cutting out Kirk's classic "OH MY GAWD!" moment after the transporter went butt-whacky... what's up with that?! That ranks right up there with "KHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!"


And the slightly ugly look of the LD harkens back to the old days when the wind blew the TV antenna around and made Star Trek look like something from the 50s! Memories....

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