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Getting married


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Don't know if I mentioned it before, but my fiance and I leave for Vegas tomorrow Feb 28th to get married. We will be getting married on Friday Feb 29th, so I won't be around for a week. We are staying at the MGM Grand and will be getting married at the Chapel of Flowers. If anyone is interested, the ceremony can be viewed online Friday night at 7pm Vegas time at http://www.littlechapel.com Talk to you guys when I get back.



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Ok, I'll tell, but you guys have to tell your engagement stories too!


I proposed over the phone!


We had basically broken up. We had been dating exclusively for 1 year exactly. It's a long story, but she was being influenced by an evil aunt who was filling her head with "you're too young to be this serious" thoughts.


Now, I hadn't ever really thought about proposing. I was 20 and she was 18. But I did know she was the one. Not a doubt in my mind.


But there we were breaking up on the phone. I just *knew* she didn't really want to end things, and I know I didn't want to end things, but I was just accepting the finality of it. So we're talking (she called me), basically saying our final goodbyes. She in tears, me just shocked and unbelieving. Exasperated, I uttered, almost in passing: "You know, I really wanted to marry you someday."


Her: "Wait, what?"


Me: "Well, I just know you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I've always known that."


Her: "So what are you saying to me?"


Keep in mind we are ON THE PHONE, and I really don't have a sense of what's going on. But divine providence, the Holy Spirit, something, guided my voice.


Me: "Cindy, will you marry me?"


Her: (blubberring uncontrollably now). "Yeeeeessssss!"


So we rushed to meet up with each other. I had no ring, no savings for a ring, nothing. I borrowed some dough from my boss and my mom to scrounge up $300 for a ring that I gave her a few days later.


We were married less than a year later. On May 6th, we will celebrate our 19th anniversary. I have never regretted that proposal for a second.


It's crazy, right? Not the kind of traditional well thought out, orchestrated proposal you always hear about.


And that's how I proposed to my wife over the phone.



So now share your engagement story.



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Heh, that's excellent Carlos. Mines isn't anywhere near as interesting. Sara and I had been living together for almost five years. One day we turned around and said to each other "Want to get married?"...."Sure" was the answer and that was that. We didn't do the big wedding thing either. We were originally going but decided to screw all of it and use all of the money for a great honeymoon. We had a small ceremony on a Friday morning and were off to the honeymoon Friday afternoon.:tu


Congrats Rudy! Marriage is FANTASTIC. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

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My engagement story is fairly bland, but in a way, typical of our collective impulsiveness.


We had been together I think just over 4 years at this point, maybe 3 (don't tell her I can't remember :P) and were out right after Valentine's day shopping for my a birthday present for my mother.


Ended up looking at family birthstone rings for my mother, and then somehow wandered over to the engagement rings. She tried the first one she saw on, I saw a look on her face and I knew it was time. She tried on a few more, but kept going back to the same exact ring and just staring at it. Fifteen minutes later, the ring was bought and sent off for sizing and to be put in a different setting.


Me feeling bad because she didn't get the real proposal caused me to end up giving her a story about how the resizing got delayed and I instead bought her flowers to make up for it with a little teddy bear. The teddy bear was hiding the ring. She bought it... and bought it... and bought it, not even looking to see if the ring was hidden somewhere until I finally grabbed the bear and did the whole traditional one knee business.


Ugh, this mushy stuff is harsh. I gotta go play a game, drink a beer and see if I can't find a fight to watch or something :barf

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I proposed to my (2nd) wife on top of a mountain top at the peak of the highest mountain in Massachusetts. When I asked her she said "Are you sure"?. I guess that was my chance to back out.:) We got married at a Sandals Resort on the island of Antigua.

She would of been better off throwing herself off of the top of that mountain.



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