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God of War PS3


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If there is to be a PS2 port of Chains of Olympus - it won't be coming from Ready at Dawn...




A lot of people are emailing us asking about Ready At Dawn’s future plans now that Chains of Olympus is done. As usual, the first order of the day is a much deserved break for the team so that we can enjoy spending our time reading what the fans think of the game. So far it looks like we hit that one out of the park.


Moving forward, we can confirm that Chains of Olympus will be our last PSP game as we’re moving on to other projects and other ideas on other consoles. We can also confirm that this will be our first and last God of War game as, just like Daxter before it, there will NOT be a PS2 port of the game. We like our games PSP exclusives :)


Keep the mail coming, we love hearing from you guys.

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