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Best Fight Scenes EVER!!!


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Thanks to Union Carbine for inspiring this thread!

In the Guilty Pleasure movies thread, we came across They Live as a guilty pleasure.

I would like to submit the fight scene in the alleyway between Nada ( Roddy Piper) and Frank (Keith David ).

Just all out fun! Especially the "You DIRTY Mother Fu....!!!" line! LOL

Love it!

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Are we limited to just fight scenes in Movies or can we add TV show fight scenes too?


Because the fight scene in Season two, episode one of Torchwood is the best one I've seen in awhile!!


Captain Jack vs. Captain John (aka Spike from buffy) go a round of fistycuffs! ;) (warning: yes...they lock lips for like 10 seconds okay....but it's better after that! they have to kiss....it's Torchwood! :D)


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Matrix Reloaded - Park Scene - Neo vs. Agent Smith x1,000
I would actually pick the Neo vs. Agent Smith subway fight in The Matrix over that one.


Here are some of my favorites that haven't been mentioned yet:

  • John Wayne vs. Maureen O'Hara vs. Victor McLaglen, The Quiet Man
  • Vader vs. Skywalker, Empire Strikes Back
  • Vader vs. Skywalker vs. Emperor, Return of the Jedi
  • Charlie Chaplin vs. boxer, City Lights
  • Bruce Campbell vs. the Pit, Army of Darkness
  • Neo vs. The Merovingian's Henchmen, Matrix Reloaded

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Are we counting guns? Because the Alien Zerg rush vs. Remote guns A and B in Aliens was one of the coolest (and shortest) fights I've ever had the pleasure to watch.


I would also submit the last 20 mins of Predator as a model of a proper Arnie smackdown. Any fistfight that ends with a nuclear explosion is a good one IMHO.

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Are we limited to just fight scenes in Movies or can we add TV show fight scenes too?



Oh absolutely!!!! :-) TV scenes count too!


With that in mind, I'd put Frasier and Niles' fight from the episode, Author Author ( season 1 ) in there. "YOU STOLE MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL


Other movies? Well, I'm thinking about the fight scene in the airplane hangar between Saya and a vampire in " Blood, The Last Vampire".

Probably one of the more badass anime fight sequences. It's all worth it when she screams "SWORRRRRRD!!!!" and dispatches the vampire in one mark-out worthy swoop!


Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen in The Princess Bride.

I still get choked up at the "I want my father back you son of a bitch!"

But Inigo and Westley's fight on the rocks is just a pure classic!

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Definitely the Wesley/Inigo matchup from Princess Bride, man that is good. I'm a huge sucker for well-done swordplay, so any number of sequences from The Mask of Zorro also fall under this heading for me, but particularly when he gets his horse (one of the best comedy/action sequences) and also the "fight" between Zorro and Catherine Zeta Jones' character. Hehe.


Jet Li's Kiss of the Dragon has a ton of great action sequences, but the ones I remember best are the one in the laundry room from the beginning and the one at the end where he demolishes an entire police precinct in homage to Bruce Lee. Shit that's awesome.


Jackie Chan gets big props here too. First Strike isn't a great movie, but that sequence where he uses the ladder to pummel a bunch of guys is fantastic. And pretty much every fight scene in Drunken Master 2, with the huge brawl at the end being a real topper.


Doesn't count as a fight scene, but the car chase in Castle of Cagliostro is one of my favorite action sequences of all time anywhere :).

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The gun fight towards the end of Open Range. Simply fantastic


Have you seen Unforgiven? The two films are mildly similar but the finale of Unforgiven push it well over the top. The violence turns on like a light switch and goes off just as quickly.


I always liked the chaotic gunfight at the end of True Romance too.

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