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LOTR view-a-thon #2 completed!


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I finally finished my back to back run of all three films for the 2nd time.


Tiring stuff to be glued to the screen against your will like that for however many umpteen hours!


I've come away though with probably the shortest shot in the films, sticking in my head as one of my favorites.


In Fellowship, when Aragorn was watching Frodo from the corner of the Prancing Pony, and the closeup of the pipe embers heating up, then the amber/orange glow from it lighting up his eyes and hood.

Just so typical a D&D kind of shot. Very Baldur's Gate! hehe


I just love that shot. Don't know what else to say about it! :-)

Damn, now I want to throw in BG-Dark Alliance! lol

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The only time I've done this was on LOTR Trilogy Tuesday. That was huge fun and very cool to watch the FOTR/TTT EEs on the big screen.


As for favorite shot, my wife says her favorite shot is the very beginning of Fellowship. She's not a big fantasy person but she's got a fandom for Wizards. She loves the shot where Gandalf comes over the hill in the cart for some reason.


I'm a sucker for the scene where Gandalf is sitting on the rock with Frodo in the Mines of Moria. Which is a Tolkien quote although not spoken in Frodo's kitchen like in the books IIRC.


It's my favorite movie poster.



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