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Guitar Hero DS....


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Picked this up for my daughter over the weekend. She loves it but has the same complaint about the device popping out too easily.


Is she using it with the DS Lite? I'm just curious since I got to play with my nephew's GH game and it seemed really solidly connected with his regular DS (probably due to the full-depth GBA cartridge slot on the regular DS). Considering the game also comes bundled with the GH DS Lite, it seems kind of lame if the device popping out too easily problem is because of the shallower GBA cartrdige slot on the DS Lite.


As far as the game goes, I found it to be fun. The main problems with the game are: the limited number of songs (I think about 25 which is actualy quite a lot for a cartridge-based game, but a lot less than the console versions), the sound quality of the songs (although this is supposedly not an issue using headphones), the uncomfortable position you need to put either your wrist or your neck in to look at the screen vertically, and the somewhat laggy touchscreen controls (strumming, moving the whammy bar, etc.). Obviously, the device popping out too easily is also a problem if you're having it.


That being said, it really is a pretty impressive portable version of GH, considering the limitations Vicarious Visions had to deal with. There's a cool video on the Wii's Nintendo Channel about how the game was made, if you're interested.

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Well, I haven't had any issues and I've gone through the whole easy mode and 2/5's of the medium difficulty. Guess it's just one of those things where I don't rock as hard as I should ;).


The hand position was a lot to get used to - I found it most comfortable when I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, although for a game to have optimal sitting positions does imply that it isn't the most comfortable. Sound quality and song selection I had no issues with, largely because, yep, it's a DS cartridge and I'm more impressed for what it has rather than what it doesn't.


But I'm totally laisser-faire that way...

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