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Xbox Live disconnect


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Hey all, I've had Live about 3 weeks now, and it's been running great until Friday night when my connection started dropping. Right in the middle of a game, a dialog box would show up saying "Could not connect to Xbox Live" or something like that.


Last night on MM3 it was really bad, I could barely complete a race without dropping out.


I have a strong suspicion it's my phone line (I'm on DSL), specifically the RJ-11 wall jack. If I push on it, I can intorduce static on my phone. But Before I go buy another, I wanted to check and see if anyone else has had this problem, or had thoughts.


It's possible that my router is involved, it's a linksys 4 port (it's wireless capable, but the Xbox is wired with Cat 5).


There are two other machines connected to the router. Is it possible that if someone is browsing the web, or getting email while using Xbox Live on the same connection that it could take Live down? FWIW, I get 128kbits up/1.3Mbits down, and with a fast site, I can easily max that out.

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Actually Ed everyone dropped on friday night from live. i was hosting a 8 player game of Wolfenstein when i thought my connection went. It seems the live service kicked everyone off. But then we all got back on fine. Last night i was able to play without any problems



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That's interesting about Friday, I didn't know.


I also thought maybe my problems in MM3 last night might be due to the fact that we're playing the game before it's supposed to be out. But I mentioned the problem to Chris/Ruffneck and he said he was staying on.


Also, I noticed that when I'd get back on, all the same people were still there racing the same race...so apparently it was just me.


What about other traffic though? Does Live 'want' the connection all to itself? Or is simultaneous browsing OK?

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Live takes as much bandwith as you can give it. I'd replace that jack anyways though as static on the line is bad.


Yep, just finished! I'll be testing Live a bit later on. Maybe some MM3 and MGP2...


I guess my question about traffic is better put: If you've got someone browsing while someone else is playing a game on Live, if you manage to max out the connection (say there's a download in progress), will Live just disconnect? It seems to me that you should start seeing performance problems, lots of lag, jumpiness, etc...but a sudden disconnect?


I don't recall seeing any degredation prior to disconnecting. There was periodic lag, but nothing unusual, and I didn't notice an increase before being disconnected. Every time it was just boom error message.


Thanks for the replies, I hope I don't have to report more troubles.

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I run IM programs, browsers, and downloads all the time while playing on Live. It hasn't noticably affected gameplay for me. I wouldn't try hosting and doing that, though. I was on Friday night when the disconnected from live error messages hit. Seems like it was a system wide phenomenom.


On a side note, system wide server boots were quite common on Sony's SOCOM servers. It's bound to happen every now and then with Live.

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Well, I think we've narrowed it down to the router. I replaced the wall jack, then I tried a different ethernet cable, I switched which port on the router the Xbox is connected to, but I still was getting disconnected in both MotoGP2 and MM3.


So then I bypassed the router and connected the Xbox directly to the DSL modem and configured PPPOE in the Xbox Live setup. After that, not one single disconnect in about an hour, vs 1 every 10-15 minutes.


So now I'm wondering what's up with the router. My BF thinks it might be something about it dynamically reassigning IP addresses via DHCP...maybe the Xbox is unhappy getting a new IP every so often?


I don't know very much about this stuff, does anyone here know if there's some trick to making the router and Xbox work together better?


I'm confused because it worked well for 3 weeks, but suddenly started doing this.

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OK, I think I found the solution. On this page they describe which ports need to be open.


They weren't open on my router, after opening them I had a 40 minute session in MM3 with no disconnects! So I think that was it.


Now I'm mystified how it worked for 3 weeks with those ports closed! :roll:

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What is the model number for that Linksys? A few months ago I went from a regular Linksys 4 port router to the wireless variety (for my laptop) and I found out that Live no longer worked with the new router. Microsoft and I (mostly I) fixed the problem, and now I have no problems. If we have the same router, I can give you some pointers for it.



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I'm at work now, so I don't have the router in front of me, but I just went to linksys' website, and I'm 95% sure it's: BEFW11S4 V2


It's listed on the xbox.com site as compatible.


I played a good deal more MM3 last night and had two disconnects, but that was over 2.5 hours of play, which is a huge improvement. If I continue to have disconnects I may ask for details about what you did (or where you found out).

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