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FIFA 08 anyone?


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Hi guys,


After many many years, I'm finally on XBL. Gamertag, what else: ChoiceStriker. Anyway, I'm a soccer fiend and I love playing FIFA 08 on XBL, but I get tired of playing against nothing but people who play Barcelona and Man Utd (or any other 5-star team) all the time. Does anyone here have the game, and would you like to play?


I think I'm a decent player but I still have a lot to learn, so I'd be happy to talk with anyone who can help me improve my game! Feel free to add me to your friend list if you're interested.


P.S. Please no comments about how FIFA sucks and Pro Evo is so much better. Thanks! :)

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I've switched to UEFA Euro 2008 now. I just played my first game of it and it's so much better. You can jockey for position to win headers, I seem to have way more control over my pass receivers (they don't just get stuck on course and watch obvious interceptions happen), and I love the addition of the little shot/pass power meter right over your player's head. Since there's sometimes a delay between when you power up for a pass and when your player actually gets to the ball and passes it, it's great to have that meter locked in above their head saying "I'm gonna pass it with this much power!" I'm sometimes a little clumbsy with my controls, so it helps me, anyway :)


Overall it just felt great. Like FIFA 08, but without any of the minor little issues I had. So beautiful :)


(I think there's a demo so you don't have to take my word for it)

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