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Happy Birthday, PSP!


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Three years old today in North America, but for some reason, it really doesn't seem like it's been around for so long. Definitely faced some difficulties in the market, but it's been a rock solid platform for me - I love the games, I love the device, I love the interactions between the PSP & the PS3.


Game Informer have a good interview with Sony's John Koller talking about the platform & plans for it this year.


Highlights -

Remote play is very, very important to us, especially as the PS3 install base grows, and you?ve seen the numbers?the PS3 is on fire as well. We look at the PS3 as the console for the home and the living room, obviously, and we look at the PSP as the travel console or device that you can use to bring content from your PS3 with you. We?ve expanded that in recent firmware updates. That?s going to continue to expand this year. That?s a big, important emphasis point for us.


The video-download service is something that we?re working on down here for the PlayStation Network. PSP will be a part of that. We don?t have a firm date, but it?s shortly?I guess that?s the best way to put that. Consumers will be able to take short-form and long-form content and place it on their PSPs and take it with them.


And I think an area that we work hard on and will continue to work hard on is the game area. We want to create the most compelling content and work with developers to make sure that these aren?t PS2 ports or console ports, and that they?re priced appropriately. I think we need to get more of the God of War and Final Fantasy types?strong brand umbrellas that have very good gameplay underneath and are unique from the PS2, but maybe have some of that storyline.
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Indeed! The system was really difficult to like. For the first year of its existence it collected dust for me and I went through owning it twice before settling on the current slim model. The past year and a half has made the system a pleasure to own. The remote play stuff on the PS3 is exceptional, the games are REALLY great now and the lighter redesign really makes it a joy to play.


I just picked up Crisis Core this week and it along with God of War continue to prove what a powerhouse the PSP is. Some may not like the home console experience on the go but I've really taken to it as of late (as I've been doing a lot more traveling for work).

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