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Got myself an Eee PC today. I've never liked laptops, mostly because I hate LCDs and never had the need, but I wanted something portable that was easy to type on and when someone suggested and Eee PC it seemed hard to beat for the price. I love this little thing already :) The reviews all complained about the keyboard but I'm not having much trouble. It's just a little cramped and awkward in the lower right corner, which takes a little getting used to, but otherwise I'm typing away with ease. The touchpad works as well as any other I've used, though it's obviously small as heck, too, which isn't always ideal. But the portability is a big deal for me :)


Boots in about 22 seconds, and comes out of standby in about 7 (though the wireless doesn't reconnect, have to see about that), thanks to the solid-state storage. It's amusing getting a new PC with 1.3 gigs of space free (much of the 4 gigs comes used up with all the pre-installed software, which covers all the basics). And a 900 MHz CPU, heh :) Serves it's purposes well enough, though.


Cool toy for $350!


EDIT: I should say, build quality seems excellent. It doesn't feel like some cheap little toy PC or anything. Keyboard feels great to me. The only thing that screams cheap are the speakers :)

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I've been enjoying my N800 internet tablet. Much in the same respect, it's nice to have something actually portable to hit the internet real quick. Still learning the whole Linux thing though, since it's my first Linux-based computer.


A lot of the Internet Tablet people at Internet Tablet forums have switched to the n800/n810 from the EEE, or to the EEE from the n800/n810, or they have both :D There's a bit of overlap on the market.


I notice the EEE seems to be picking up popularity lately. It's a pretty cool mini-laptop. Are you running it with the Linux-based OS or WinXP?

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My wife is gung-ho to get one of these now since I pointed them out to her. She's getting rid of her smartphone as we are ditching the cellphone plan and she wants something to take to school to add apointments, surf the internet while feeding baby on the chair, etc.


Let me know any input you have on the thing.

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Definitely try one, if possible (or at least get a really good look). It's so tiny (tiny keyboard, tiny touchpad, tiny screen) that it's definitely not for everyone. Especially if you want something easy-to-use (which I can only imagine helps while feeding a baby!), something more full-sized might be more comfortable. I mean, the screen is so small that these forums don't even fit (you get a horizontal scroll bar!). Lots of people complain about the cramped keyboard. I don't have much trouble with it, but I've been typing on it daily since I got it. I think it would annoy me if I only used it occasionally.


I think there's a new version coming out sometime this month, slightly larger overall with a much bigger (and higher res) screen, starting at $500. No idea when they'll be widely available, though (I heard the current models were hard to find here for the first few months). I'd guess the larger screen alone will make those much nicer for web surfing.

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She's got a nice lappy (Dell Vostro 1500) but hates having it around the kids. She tends to perch it on one of the arms of the couch which is a no-no because it blocks the fans off and then it overheats.


Our last laptop only survived 2 years around our first daughter and she managed to tear off the backspace key :(. She gets concerned because she has to open/close it so often around the kids - our last lappy, the hinge was wearing out and the video started spazzing out when you moved the screen at all.


She just wants something to check her email and quick internet surfing type stuff...but keeping her school lappy out of reach of the kids.


Hell, she was surfing on her smartphone at 320x240 which drove me crazy. I've found the n800 is quite tolerable at 800x480. I tried to talk her into another one of those but she seems pretty keen on the eeePC. Probably the pink one, too :rolleyes:



BTW, this device I've been eyeing up. Curious to see how it turns out:




Spirtual successor to the GP32.

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I have one of these as well. I had to move away from the default the OS because of its wireless issue with WPA2-PSK. Once I got XP installed the machine worked with wireless and was plenty fast(thanks to a windows overclock app). It is a nice compliment/option to surf in the media room and does not weigh 8lbs like my dell laptop. I would say with some changes it is as fast as my old t21 and the size of an external drive.

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Whooter. Silly man.


My wife has her eeePC here now. Wouldn't connect out of the box. Hit the eee forums for some input. Disabled the wired network, entered WEP key in CAPS, rebooted, got it working.


Seems good so far. I found the touchpad not responsive enough but the wife didn't have any issues with it.

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Well the eee went to ebay. I successfully modded her spacebar which was problematic but she still had a lot of trouble typing on the little keyboard. Also we had to keep re-setting up the wireless connection for some reason in the default Xandros setup.

Got $280 for it and we upgraded her to the new Intel Atom-based Acer Aspire One - they keyboard is a lot bigger, and it's got a 1024x768 screen.


There's suddenly a lot of these emerging.


We went for the 120GB HDD / XP version, $349 @ Best Buy. I spent yesterday tweaking XP on it and it's a fantastic little computer...no problems typing at all on it. The only real con is there is a fan in it that runs a lot, a little noisy.


To be honest now I want one :). No money to spare though and no real need for it, it's just a cool gadget.

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