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Halloween Havoc

Chris F

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Well, since I don't do the trick or treating thing, and I'm scared to go out in my neighborhood on Halloween night (I live in the Bronx:D), I'll be in tonight playing some games on Xbox Live.


8PM until 9PM - Crimson Skies


9PM until 11PM - Rainbow Six 3


11PM until Whenever - Amped 2 & Top Spin


All times in EST.


Anyone interested? I know not all of us are going out tonight. ;)

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I'l be online this afternoon from 3:30 pm ET until 5:00 pm or so, and then back on after 9:00 pm until I win my first TopSpin game or the sun rises - whichever comes first. I'll be Amping and volleying this afternoon.

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Because of evil Ubisoft and UPS, I don't have my R6-3 yet. Now I remember why I don't mailorder my games.


I'll try and find Top Spin and/or Amped 2 on the way home from work today, but otherwise, I'll only have CS available to me and only after 9pm Central. Phooey.

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Oct 31 2003, 06:31 PM

I'd jump on R6 in a heartbeat tonight (NO WORK TOMMORROW!) but I dont get home till midnight :( .


No Top Spin till next week for me.

Give me a call or look for me on IM when you get home, I'll play some R63 with ya :D

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Youll be getting an AIM at about 12:15 or so . Kelley get your butt on too, we can play some co-op.


This is after 12 EST time, right? If so, I'll probably be on. Just about to watch Halloween with my wife, then it's all XBL for me :)


Of course, I'll have had a good number of rums by the point so I'll probably be as drunk as Kelley on his lone bottle of zima.

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