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Best Buy clearance - $15 - Folklore, Dynasty Gundam, Bladestorm, Genji


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Hey guys


My local BB had a copy of Folklore on the clearance rack today by the video game dept. for $14.99. I picked it up since so many people in the Target thread expressed an interest. I'm running through the folks that expressed interest in the thread via PM in order to see who wants it. (EDIT: JTello is taking it).


They had Folklore, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Bladestorm: Hundred Year War, Genji, and a couple of others I forget.


Might be worth scoping out if you're in the area. BB clearance is always YMMV. They had some assorted PS2/PSP/360 games as well but nothing jumped out at me.



What was weirdest thing, is some of the games were on the clearance rack, and some weren't. There were duplicates of the same game on the shelf but not marked yet. When I went to ring up they were still ringing full price. I think they had JUST started remarking with the clearance prices. There was another stock cart right next to it with DVDs on it.

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