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Spectral Force 3 (X360)

Tonner Cyn

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Gametrailers has a trailer up for this strategy rpg. Finally, it looks like the 360 is getting a tactics-style game set in the sword-and-sorcery genre (sorry Band of Bugs). I didn't see anything confirming this - it will be coming to the US, right?




EDIT: Checked the official site and this is indeed coming out on May 27!

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It makes me laugh when I see high production value cut scenes with gameplay using little blobby characters. Seems very retro. You'd think that those cut scenes would make the game look more attractive, but to me, the contrast between the cutscenes and the "game" is more amusing than compelling. Like if Geometry Wars had crazy FMV space cut scenes.


That being said, I did love FF tactics and look forward to a good game in this genre.

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