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Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy's HAWX (X360, PS3, PC)

Romier S

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We knew more Tom Clancy games were coming and here is one that has been rumored for some time. HAWX will be Ubi's attempts at taking on a combination of the flight sim and more arcadey Ace Combat like market.


The game has an ERS system they are implementing which is the equivalent to the assists in a Forza or GTA game. Turn the assists off and you end up with a game that offers more freedom in controlling the craft.


IGN has screens and a trailer:



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Demo tomorrow (on LIVE, Thursday on PSN, "later" for PC) and it sounds wicked nice...


Key features of the H.A.W.X demo:


Co-op enabled for up to 4 players – Jump in/Jump out.


Gain experience points and unlock up to three real, licensed planes in the demo:

- F-16A Fighting Falcon

- SU-35 Super Flanker

- AV-8B Harrier II


Choose between two different game modes:

-Normal – Default control type.

-Expert – Allows full control over the aircraft in “Assistance Off” mode.


Two heart-pounding missions...

Some of the recent videos showing actual gameplay got me a little excited, so I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this tomorrow. Edited by Covak
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I think I may be wrong on my original comments. I played the tutorial this morning which made you do a strange camera angle. Decided to give the full mission a shot, and im having more fun with it. Much better camera, aiming is a lot easier, etc


Right. You're just trying too hard to like it now. :)

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Not at all. Have you played the demo? In the training mission it makes you go into some strange safety off mode. It pulls the camera out from the plane, and does not have an aiming circle on screen at all time. Almost impossible to play that way, which Is why I shut it off this morning, and didn't plan on looking back. However I usually give a demo two tries to see if I missed something, and went with the full mission. When you start the full mission it puts you behind the plane like in Ace Combat (or other options in the menu). Much easier to control, and shoot down enemies this way. If you played only the tutorial before, try the next mission. It's totally different

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I'd wait until Ubisoft releases a patch. Many people on twitter are reporting game crash's with HAWX


This is a pretty common problem with flying games. Reverse the Y-axis in controller setup if the ground keeps getting bigger when you want to make it smaller.


I'm here to help. It's what I do.

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