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Who would win in a fight?


Who would win in a fight?  

  1. 1. Who would win in a fight?

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I don't Ruffnecks vote took.... I'm just seeing one pirate and my ninja.




Well everyone knows that all pirates have eye patches so their depth perception would be lacking. Now the vampire would have a slight upper hand in a maze of mirrors situation like in "Enter the Dragon" but other than that the ninja would take them out with the smoke bombs and whatnot.

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Originally posted by XBL_RuFfNeCk@Oct 31 2003, 05:43 PM

1. Pirates are mammals.

2. Pirates rape, pillage, plunder and drink all the time.

3. The purpose of the pirate is to grab your booty.

Also, we can't forget that these days, pirates do the grabbing of booty while flying around in planes and shooting you down, can we?


(CS of course ;))

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