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XBL Wireless Headset problem

Jeff W

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I've been using the Halo 3 Wireless headset for Live but recently went back to using the wired one for LCVG nights as I can be heard much better. I tried using the wireless one the other night to listen to a message I got, and now it sets itself in the second position on the green ring instead of the first one and won't work. In order for me to get it to work I have to turn the headset on before powering up a controller and I never had to do that before. I tried to manually set it to the first quadrant but if the controller is on it just skips the first position entirely. Anyone else experience this and if so, what fixes it? Any info help is much appreciated.

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Yeah, I recently switched to a new black controller but I was using that with the headset for a good month before this problem occured. I'm wondering if maybe I switched to the wired headset before I shut the wireless one off and that moved it to the second position somehow.

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