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I'll give my $.02


LOTRO and WoW are very similiar (IMO). The interfaces are similiar, the play styles are similiar, auction houses and most of the game dynamics are pretty much the same. Having said that - LOTRO definitely has the edge when it comes to graphics and sound and I'd say its the better game overall in regards to "lore" (although thats obviously subjective). I'd say WoW is the better game for the casual players or the really hardcore though theres not much middle ground in WoW. You're either a casual WoW'er that plays PvE and solos or groups with a specific group of friends alot of the time or the other end of the spectrum" a hardcore raider/guilder who's on every waking moment ;) heheh. In my time in Warcraft theres just not very many people in the middle - thats all. LOTRO however, is right in the middle for me - great for a couple hour stints a couple days a week or whenever you want but, also deep enough for marathons on occasion. Just about the perfect mix but, again thats just my opinion. Anyway, LOTRO has some really cool unique stuff like Monster Play and the way the epic "Instanced Dungeons" are done is the best of all the MMO's I think.


To each their own but, you can try both games out free of charge for 2 weeks or more (last I checked) so give both a go and see which "clicks" for you. You'll find plenty of players in each game so you shouldn't lack for groups to play with or others to co-op with in either MMO. Although clearly WoW has the edge in sheer number of players on at any time. Have fun man :)

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I play WoW because that's where my friends are. I wish they played LOTRO instead. LOTRO's graphical edge is enough that I could get far more immersed in it. I loved that the interface allowed you to queue up your next spell/ability (though WoW did finally fix their laggy casting). And I loved that archers are nukers with no pet to worry about :)


Some of my friends tried it and just didn't see the point, though, because it's sooo much like WoW, only without the familiar end-game to look forward to. I think Magness is right that WoW is where it's at for the really hardcore. But if you've played WoW already, definitely give LOTRO a try!

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