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Perfect Prosecutor

Mark E

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God bless Capcom and their endless franchise entries.


It's been confirmed via the old magazine preview (latest Famitsu, for anybody who cares) that Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, beloved nemesis of the first Phoenix Wright game and maker of a number of guest appearances after that will be starring in his own spin-off currently titled Perfect Prosecutor.


Apparently the focus in this version will be on evidence procurement, rather than the testimony and contradictions of the Phoenix Wright series. In another diversion from that, Edgeworth will actually appear onscreen during investigations in a more traditional Sierra-style adventure experience.


And just to make things even more choice for those who are big Edgeworth fans, it appears that the ever-useless Detective Gumshoe is being pressed into service as his sidekick.


Only scheduled for Japanese release so far, but we've got every other game in the series and it keeps growing in popularity, so it's not unreasonable to assume we'll see it on our shores at some point :tu

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