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Speed Racer


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I'm surprised I couldn't find a thread about this. I'm a fan of the cartoon, and I think this movie looks awesome. The racing reminds me of F-Zero GX, which is a very good thing.


The Mach 5 looks just how I hoped it would too, and since I'm sorta obsessed with the car now I'm entering a contest to win it:

Mach 5 contest


All I have to do is reply super fast to a text messaged trivia question on April 18th? Sounds easy enough. The specs on the concept car are sick: leather interior, Bose sound system, 350 hp V8, 6 speed trans, in a modified '68 'Vette. :cool:

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I read a long article about the special effects in CGW the other day & they're attempting some interesting things, but it still looks utterly, utterly strange to me. The "bubbles" in particular sound particularly strange & 'cheap'. I've got no history with the cartoon bar pop culture references to me, I'm not the target audience.

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Are they doing this on IMAX?


They definitely are, yes. I saw Shine a Light in IMAX last weekend and they had posters and cardboard displays up for Speed Racer. It hurts my eyes just watching the trailer in quicktime so I dread to think what I’d make of it on an IMAX screen. The movie has no appeal to me however so I won't be seeing it.


I am quite interested in Michael Giacchino’s score though. It seems the whole album is available via streaming from the following site. It’s rather fun:



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