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Rise of the Argonauts - New Action/RPG from Liquid Entertainment

Romier S

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I've very little about the actual gameplay but some new shots were released showing off the character designs for Jason, Hercules, Achilles etc. The team at Liquid (the guys behind D&D Dragonshard and LOTR War of the Ring) are using the Unreal 3 engine to develop the game. You can take a look at the designs here:









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So I just finished this one on the PS3 today. I started out fairly jazzed about it during the preview phase and then it was pretty much off my radar based on the reviews. However, a freind of mine really loved the game and played this one start to finish which is saying a bit since unless the words "Silent Hill" are in the title, there are pretty few games he actually manages to complete. So since I'm a bit of a whore for the whole Greek Mythology thing and having a very postive review from somebody I actually know - I picked it up during one of Gamespot's buy 2 - get 1 preown deals.


Having said all of that - my feelings on the game are pretty much everything Gametrailer's video review has to say about the game. It's not bad, and I certainly enjoyed it more by the end of the game than the beginning - but it's not top shelf. For an "action RPG", there's very little action and the RPG elements are also on the light side. You'll spend more of the game talking to every NPC and getting backstory than in combat - which is okay since the combat doesn't feel very fleshed out - think about the depth of Conan and you get the idea. Pacing is okay, but there are certainly moments where it could have been tightened up quite a bit. Finally, the menu interface could have spent a little more time being polished. That and other things were just never explained well. In the skill trees, there are a number of skills that boost stats based on being in a "state of grace". While that's just fine and dandy, having finished the game, I still have no idea what exactly a "state of grace" actually is. Also, the reviews have been spot on where there is a lot of talking to NPCs but there never seemed to be any consequence to any of the brancjing options - as they all ended up with the same end result..which brought to mind the term "interactive novel" more than game espeically when you consider that there really isn't any exploration to speak of in the game - all of the areas are very point a to point b in nature with a very set path.


Sounds pretty lackluster so far doesn't it? Well - it would be except that the story telling while by no means new - is done quite well and the voice acting in the game stands out as one of the highlights. The combat, while not exactly deep - is enjoyable and seems to have just the right amount of challenge. I only died a small handfull of times, and mostly that was a result of me bieng careless or figuring out what I needed to do in a particular area. That, and even with all of the game's problems, it does give you that feeling of "I just want to see what's next and then I'll quit".


At the end of the day - do NOT pay full prince on this one. If you have a shelf full of titles that are still waiting for your attention, this isn't a game to bump them for. However, if you're into the story and setting and the idea of a 8-10 hour story driven hack-n-slash seems like your cuppa - then there are worse options out there.

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