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The Witcher?


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Anyone here play, or playing The Witcher? I heard good things about it, but never really looked into it. I got a free copy with a video card I purchased last week and watched a video review on Gametrailers, and they loved it.


I didn't even realize it was an action type RGP... I'm gonna install this and give it a try. Anyone else?



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I picked the game up during my recent PC buying binge. I've spent a few hours with it and I'm enjoying the setting, characters and story a great deal. The voice acting ranges from excellent to average at times and I'm not entirely sold on the combat system (which seems terribly shallow and unwiedly thus far). The game looks fantastic though. It's hard to believe this is the same engine that powered the original Neverwinter Nights.

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Thx Romier - did your copy of The Witcher have the new content/patch or did you have to download it? If it was on the disc, is the new version "marked" in some way? Like a Special Edition or something...?


I know you and Grumpy are not that far into the game yet but: Speaking of the patches and all, has performance been pretty good in the game? Technical glitches or anything? Also, most of the reviews have mentioned in one way or another the "gratuitous sexuality" in the game... Has that been bad or did the reviews blow it out of proportion? If there is alot of sexuality in the game - is it well done like Vampire: BL or is it just lame?


Thanks... :)

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If it was on the disc, is the new version "marked" in some way? Like a Special Edition or something...?

The special edition of The Witcher has been pushed to much later this year Magness. August/September in fact. A console edition is also in the works. Here's a list of the included changes (they will be available in patch for for current owners by the way):




- the original release date (16-05-2008) of the Director's Cut edition has been changed to August/September in order to release the game simultaneously in all regions

- the new edition will contain all previous patches and some new ones pre-installed into the game

- there will be 50 new NPCs models added to the game

- loading times between levels will be reduced by 80%

- an additional DVD disc, containing two new story threads that will expand the gameplay by over a dozen hours of gameplay, will be included

- modders will be very pleased because of the implementation of D’jinii tool, which will provide the ability to create their own Witcher stories (The Witcher was entirely made using this tool)

- the edition will contain "the making of" DVD with both, Atari and CD Projekt RED's own, video documentaries

- there will be two soundtrack discs (one containing game OST and the other one, titled The Witcher Inspired, will contain commercial songs by artists such as Vader, Rootwater, Habakuk etc.)

- edition will contain a huge map of the game's world

- Andrzej Sapkowski's short stories will be added to the package as well

- game manual is new and extended (160 pages)

- console version is already in the works at CD Projekt RED

- the Director's Edition of the Witcher isn't the Collector's one, which will be released in the near future


Also, most of the reviews have mentioned in one way or another the "gratuitous sexuality" in the game... Has that been bad or did the reviews blow it out of proportion?

The Witcher just gets the option to sleep with many of the women he encounters. The scenes themselves are no worse than what's presented in Mass Effect. The "sex cards" that you get (kind of like tarot cards) are censored in the US and in my opinion end up being more tasteful in the end.


I know you and Grumpy are not that far into the game yet but: Speaking of the patches and all, has performance been pretty good in the game?

It's been great. I'm playing with the over the shoulder camera and at 1680x1050 with 2xaa and 16x af, I'm getting a solid 40-60fps. The only complaint is the load times which can be frequent and range from somewhat short for small area transitions and then disgustingly long for full indoor/outdoor transitions.

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Installed the game last night and played for about 4 hours. I'm liking it quite alot so far. The OTS view is pretty cool, graphics and design are WAY better than I was expecting and the plot and story to this point are already pulling me in (for lack of a better expression). I was surprised at how quickly you are thrown into some adult situations - and I don't mean "boobies", I mean racism and religious fanatacism. Only 4 hours in and already had to make some "heavy" choices. Very cool and although it may sound cheesy, it really immersed me with the Geralt character, he already feels like an extension of me - like the better RPG's tend to do :)

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I'm further into the game now and I still like it quite alot. Its still buggy to some degree as its crashed on me a few times :( but, in general its been a pretty solid experience. Its weird too, I get a distinct feeling from this game like its a single player version of LOTRO... I'm not sure why really but thats how it feels to me (which is a compliment). I like the mature aspects of the story and some of the side missions but, there has been plenty of cheesy dialog already that takes you right back "out of it" too so its a double edged sword. Graphics and voice acting for the most part are very good and the environments I've been in to this point have been pretty cool too.


I guess I'm just not sure how to compare this one to other games: It really feels like a SP version of an MMO (I think LOTRO would be the closest comparisson) which is a good thing because LOTRO is a great MMO but, it isn't very "soloable" after about lvl 30. However, this one also just makes me want to play LOTRO more as the team aspects in Witcher (when you have an NPC assist you) haven't been very good and the teaming/fellowing aspect is what LOTRO excels at after lvl 30.


At 9.99 though I really can't recommend Witcher enough Even if its only played as a companion to LOTRO :)

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Don't own The Witcher? Well the Enhanced Edition releases on the 16th. Already own it though? No problem, CD Projekts' got the hook up!




You bought The Witcher last year and now you’re afraid that you won’t have the opportunity to enjoy all the features of the Enhanced Edition? WRONG!


Wipe away your tears, little one, because we’ve got a nice treat for you. If you bought the original version of The Witcher and registered it at thewitcher.com, you’ll be able to download all of the great content from the Enhanced Edition for free starting September 19!


That’s right – FREE! No strings attached, just good old-fashioned FREE. Log in and download.


You may be wondering – “What do they mean by ‘all’ of the content”? This is what we mean:


- Patch 1.4 (which turns the standard edition into The Witcher: Enhanced Edition)- D’jinni Adventure Editor v1.4- Two new adventures (“The Price of Neutrality” and “Side Effects”)- Making-of videos- ‘Inspired by The Witcher’ music CD- Official soundtrack of the game- Game manual- Official game guide- Map of The Witcher’s World


You may notice that “all” in this case doesn’t include the short story that is found in the retail version… unfortunately getting that released online would be some sort of massive undertaking involving numerous book publishers around the world. So it’s almost everything.


Pretty impressive, isn’t it? So, let me suggest you that visiting http://www.thewitcher.com should be – no, more than that - it must be the very first thing you do on the 19th of September!


Know-how to installation of Enhanced Edition

1. Download the Patch file (it’s something about 1GB)

2. Download the language file/files (more or less 500 MB)

3. Gather them In one folder

4. Start the installation of the Patch.

5. Enjoy The Enhanced Edition

6. (Optional) Download bonus content & soundtrack


I swear I love these guys.:rock

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I started playing this Saturday night. I’ve been wanting to play this series — particularly The Witcher 3 — for a while now. I bought the Complete Edition of the third game on Xbox a while back, and got the second game as a freebie from Xbox Live Gold. My original plan was to just play those two games, but then I saw the first one was available on Steam for MacOS for $9.99. I decided to take the plunge and start the series from the very beginning. I wanted to get the foundation of the story by playing the first game, figuring it would help me better appreciate the stories for the sequels if I did.


I’ve only played about an hour and a half so far, so I don’t have much to say about it yet. The biggest challenge for me so far has been the controls. This game doesn’t feature any controller support, so I have to use a mouse and keyboard. I can do it — I’ve played a few games on PC like that in the past — but not many. The ones I have played have mostly been first-person shooters like Half-Life 2 and Quake III: Arena, not third-person games like this. I think I am getting the hang of it though. It just takes time to get used to it all.

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The combat in the 1st Witcher was really complex (you could argue overly complex) with the stances, parries, shifting sword fighting styles, etc. I’d guess a keyboard is required just for the sheer amount of controls you need :) I didn’t think it was bad at the time but, I did think it was hard to get a handle on. After Witcher 2 and especially 3 they refined the combat controls SO much to the point that I think 3 was just about perfect. 

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Yeah, the combat is... weird. It hasn't given me too much trouble so far though, partly because I've decided to play this first game on Easy difficulty. Granted, I only just played through the very beginning, so it might get more difficult as I get further into it. I'm doing with this series what I did with Mass Effect -- play the first game solely for the story so that I can move on to the superior sequels, where I play on Normal difficulty.


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I'm about 19 hours in now and just started Chapter III. I like enough of what I've played to keep going. I don't love the game per se. At times it feels slow and tedious. Other times I can't stop playing because I want to finish a quest or move the story along a little bit more.


I presume at this point I will see it through to the end. I hope to be done with it sometime in early September. 

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All right, I finished The Witcher over the weekend. As promised, here are my thoughts on it:


Hardware and Technical Stuff


I think the best place to start with this “review” would be to talk about my hardware setup. I played The Witcher on a 5K iMac, 27-inch, late-2015 model. Its specs can be found here. Mine is the base configuration with the two important upgrades: I installed 32GB of third-party RAM and a 512GB SSD from Apple. The latter made the huge difference in that it significantly reduced the load times throughout my play through. From what I gathered from old reviews, these could be extremely lengthy on a standard HDD.


While not a top-of-the-line gaming machine by any means, I was able to run The Witcher at high settings at 1920x1080. The frame rate, while not a locked 60fps, ran smooth enough most of the time to be acceptable. During a few sections performance dipped into the 20s and below (particularly toward the end of Chapter V), but this isn’t a game that requires super-fast reflexes to play, so it didn’t bother me that much. Screen tearing was also noticeable throughout. This wasn’t a deal-breaker by any means, but it was distracting.


As far as technical issues go, the worst I faced was that the game frequently crashed. As a result, I had to replay several areas more than once. The game does auto-save but only when a quest is started, progressed to the next step, or completed. Of course it could never crash immediately after an auto save. I remind myself often to manually save so that I wouldn’t find myself having to repeat everything I did the previous 20-30 minutes.


There were many other technical glitches throughout the game, which I won't take the time to detail here. Suffice it to say, this is not the most polished game I ever played.


An interesting note — as of this writing, my iMac runs on macOS Mojave. In a few weeks, we’ll probably see the release of the next version, Catalina. Had I waited a little longer to start playing this, I may have been unable to do so. Catalina removes support for 32-bit apps, and The Witcher is a 32-bit app. I suspect a lot of Mac gamers are going to be pretty pissed off in a few weeks when they discover that many of their games no longer work.


The Game


Here’s the thing: I’m not a PC gamer, and I’m not a big fan of RPGs. The Witcher is an RPG that plays on PC (or Mac in my case). Right away, that’s two strikes against it. I’ll admit it was hard to get excited about playing the game because of this. My plan was to give it at least 10 hours to hook me. If it didn’t by then, I would step away and jump into The Witcher 2.


That first 10 hours, which lead me up to the beginning of Chapter II, were rough. The toughest part was just getting my bearings and figuring out who everyone was, what I was doing, and most importantly, how to play the damn game.


The user interface is a mess, and it was very difficult figuring out how to do certain things like, meditate (oh, I have to click this hour glass icon in the middle of this circle), mix potions, or change battle stances on the fly. Everything seemed why more complicated than it needed to be. The game does try to ease you in with tutorials, but when you're fed a dozen of them in the first couple hours, it's easy to forget or miss something.


Once I settled into the game and started completing quests, things got better. I found myself compelled to keep going. I wasn't necessarily in love with the game or this world, but it was interesting at each step.


One thing I didn't like was that once I started a new chapter and entered a new location, I couldn't go back to places I already had been and complete side quests I hadn't finished (the one exception being the transition from Chapter II to III). The reasons for this are explained well enough in-game, but it would have been nice to know that entering the city walls of Vizma would have cut me off from the outskirts.


I also enjoyed how the story unfolded naturally. Usually in games like this, where the story changes depending on decisions you make, you know exactly when you’re making one of those decisions. In The Witcher, I never felt like that was the case. Okay, maybe I did when I had to choose between giving Alvin to Triss or Shani, but that was it (SPOILER ALERT: I chose Triss). The end result is a story I know could have gone very differently, but it doesn’t feel to me like it could have gone any other way. I like that.


In an earlier post, Magness said that the combat was complex. I agree to a point. There's a lot to keep in mind during combat -- which weapon to use, which stance to pick, what magic works best, and which potions should be taken first, and so on -- but it's also relatively easy to execute. Just point your mouse cursor on the bad guy and click when you see the sword icon. Wait a little longer and click again when you see the flaming sword icon. Keep doing this until all the bad guys are dead. Granted, I was playing the game on Easy difficulty, so maybe I missed out on some of the depth of the combat, but given how much I did not enjoy this part of the game to begin with, I don't really care.


I could go on, but I said more than enough already. I'm glad I played The Witcher, mostly because I have a familiarity with this world that will help me get into the second and third games a little easier. I'm not super-impressed of far, but I didn't expect to be. If I don't take to the sequels more, then I will be disappointed. Let's hope that doesn't happen.


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Glad you played through the 1st Witcher and didn’t find it too bad. I liked it well enough but, it was tough and combat was not fun. But, now the games start to really refine the combat, exploration and story as 2 and especially 3 are a wonder by comparison to the 1st Witcher :) can’t wait to read through your experience with the next one. 

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59 minutes ago, Magness said:

But, now the games start to really refine the combat, exploration and story as 2 and especially 3 are a wonder by comparison to the 1st Witcher :) can’t wait to read through your experience with the next one. 


Yeah, I’m hoping this is like my experience with the Mass Effect trilogy — slog through the first one so that I better appreciate the more polished sequels.


my current plan is to play through Gears 5 on Xbox One and Yoshi's Island on Switch first, then delve into The Witcher 2 shortly thereafter. These are all really long games, and I don’t want to burn out on them by playing them all back-to-back.

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The TV show got me in the mood to revisit the games and while the Witcher 3 is an enormous undertaking I may do in the near future for a replay, part 2 is just the right length. So I started up a new play through on the X today and am midway through Flotsam. I’m just loving this world all over again! Especially with the show giving some of the events spoken about some context. It also spotlights the downright sorcery that is X enhanced titles....


I’m not ashamed to say the the backwards compatibility on the Series X and the prospect of further enhanced 360/OG Xbox titles is probably the biggest reason I’ll spend money on one.

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I have played a small bit of the  first witcher game, but the tv series has me itching to jump in. I already owned the first on PC so I will be starting there. However I  just picked up 2 and 3 complete editions for dirt cheap on sale on Xbone. They are also the same price on Steam.  I thought i had also played a bit of 3 somewhere, but I cant seem to find any trace of it on any my accounts. Was it ever a PSN title?, I'm not a sub on there anymore so it would not show up. 

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I’ve been playing The Witcher 2 as well. I started a couple months ago and have been playing it on and off ever since. I’m on chapter 2, following the Roche path.


I have to admit, I’m not feeling the love for it. I’m seriously considering dropping it and moving on to The Witcher 3. Maybe the open-world nature of that game will be more to my liking.

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