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Which console are you buying GTA IV for?

Dan B.

Which console are you buying GTA IV for?  

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  1. 1. Which console are you buying GTA IV for?

    • PS3
    • Xbox 360
    • I am not buying GTA IV

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I have to change my vote from Xbox 360 to PS3. I canceled my Dell.ca pre-order when I discovered it would not ship until May 5. I chose the PS3 version out of expedience: there were no Xbox 360 units available to purchase at the first store I checked while I was able to snag a Special Edition PS3 version. The Lock box, key chain, duffel bag, and music CD is all pretty cool (my wife on the other hand thought it all was pretty dorky!) I was a little worried when I read how some people with 60 GB PS3s were having difficulty getting the game to load, but I did not have any problems and was able to play the game until 2 am this morning. :ohyeah

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Neither. I barely have time to play Bejeweled.
As this thread progresses I hope people one-up your reason for not buying GTA4:

"Neither, I don't even own a 360 or PS3"

"Neither, I don't even play videogames"

"Neither, I don'4 und#rstand what this keeybord thingg does"

"Neither, you humans will soon by my food"

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In actuality: 360.


Although I'm having to play it in 480p as any other res (720p or 1080i) causes a chunk of the image on the right to be cut off... :(


Apparently this is a somewhat common problem. From what I've read, it seems to mostly afflict older televisions...

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So, I already stated "neither" and voted as such buuuuuuuuuuuuut...


Decided on picking up the 360 version thanks to a $50 bb gift card. For $65, nah. For $15, why the hell not?!?


Its all about the peer pressure:)

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