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What has been your favorite Xbox Live game?


What has been your favorite Xbox Live game? Make sure you explain your choice below...  

  1. 1. What has been your favorite Xbox Live game? Make sure you explain your choice below...

    • Driving title (Midtown Madness 3,Moto GP,etc)
    • 1st person shooter (Unreal Championship,etc.)
    • Squad-based shooter (Wolfenstein, Rainbow Six 3,Ghost Recon,etc.)
    • Basic Sports title (Football,Basketball,Hockey,Baseball)
    • Non-basic Sports title (Top Spin,Outlaw Volleyball,Amped,etc.)
    • Multiplayer party title (Tetris Worlds,Whacked,etc)
    • Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO (only fighting game that I know of for XBL)
    • Phantasy Star Online (see above - just make it a RPG instead)
    • Downloadable Content title only (KOTOR,Brute Force,etc.)
    • Other

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Well, when November 15 rolls around, it will have been one full year since XBox Live has been available to the gaming public masses. There have been many games that have come out for the service,covering most of the gaming genres.


My question is,what has been your favorite? Now, there are far too many titles to list in a poll. So please list your game title here.


As for me? I have had some great times playing Live. Some of the contenders for my favorite were NFL/ESPN Football 2K4, Ghost Recon, & Tetris Worlds.


But,ever since SOCOM on the PS2, & Halo LAN play - I have been hooked on the the concept of the team-based shooting game. Having to depend on someone else to win the game can make things nail-biting,but if you are playing with friends - it can be sooo much fun.


My 3 finalists are:

Crimson Skies


Return to Castle Wolfenstein

(Rainbow Six 3 would be up here most likely,given time. Also I'm really looking forward to CounterStrike)


CS gets points simply eo being easy to get into. The game is tight,looks incredible, & 16 player support doesn't hurt either. Not the best though.


Mechassualt gets major consideration. IMHO,Microsoft hit a home run with this title. Almost everything was done right - gameplay balance,downloadable content, ease of play. There is a reason why you get the full version with a XBL kit - something the newbies can cut their teeth on.

Not the best,though.



My vote is for RTCW. The fast play,the tight maps, the different tactics you have to come up with to win the round - all are reasons why. This game comes closest to the gaming nirvana that I've been looking for on Live. Even though my team lost in the finals of the Wolf touney that I was in earlier this year - the frenzied play & the respect that I gained for some of my friends (and vice versa,or so I'm told :)) was just awesome.


I hope that next year it will be Halo 2 though!

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Although it was short lived, Midtown Madness on Live was my favorite. I have no doubt that if I played first- or third-person shooting games that I'd have a blast online with them. But as it stands, MM3 was the highlight of my Live experience so far.


It seems possible that Crimson Skies, Amped or Top Spin could supplant that, but only time will tell.


In terms of technical merit, and overall game quality, MotoGP2 is the hands-down winner for me. It's integration with Live is wonderful.

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First Eleven Months:


1.> Ghost Recon / GR:IT


2.> RtCW


3.> Midtown Madness 3


November, 2003


1.> GR / GR:IT


2.> Rainbow Six 3


3.> Amped 2



However, Links 2004 will erase everything on this list and be my top three faves all rolled into one!

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