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Gta Iv (psn)


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I'm game. I had a blast playing with complete unknowns (Cops & Robbers?). We were completly useless as Cops. We blew up our car hitting a parked car. We were even more useless as the mob. We got seperated early and then blew the rear tires. With no other car in site, I drove the best I could. Then the showdown with the cops reminded me a lot of the movie, Heat for some reason.

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Nice. Last time I played cops and robbers, the douche bag driving us (we were cops) thought he knew a shortcut, we ended up never seeing the bad guys. Fucking moron.




That story reminds me of a time where a group of us were trying to find the nearest exit to the train station at the Rogers Centre after a baseball game. He led the way and was all "I know a shortcut, follow me". We went around in a circle and his only response was "all the exacts look the same, and have the same number, but we didn't circle around, we're still en route to the right exit". About 30 mins later, we did find the exact (I think looping around twice).

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