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Game Time Tonight!!


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I didn't see this till just now, regardless I happened to be on @ 9 anyway and I didn't see Phil nor any sort of organized MP effort :confused:


Neither did I. But it's expected with the nice weather coming! People are going to be heading out on vacations and family events soon.

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Sorry fellas.. I started my Xbox.. but couldn't figure out why I could not connect to Live.. 2 Hours later i checked the back.. and my internet wire was loose.. Jeff,greg pm your Aim names so next time I can make you aware of this:(. Sorry again.. I was really looking forward to killing terrorists!

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.......*crack* *fizz*......."Rodger that BiGdOGGPHIL. This is Captain Screwnut of the G.E. Tardis. I'm picking up your S.O.S. Help has been dispatched. ETA 8 hours. Hang in there!" :D


Hey phil. I might be able to play something for a bit tonight. I'm real sorry I've been kind of spending my time with somebody this last week but I think he works late tonight with no plans on stopping by. If he does well I figure out something. Can't leave a bud hanging now can I! :)


Get back to me with what you'd like to do? Maybe that video Uno game? :P

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I'm up for anything but ass-poker tonight, probably won't get a big turnout...


Preaching to the choir here Jeff!




I might be able to be online for some RSV2. The crap hit the fan last night so I have to have a long talk with somebody if he calls me tonight. Other then that I should be free!!

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