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After procrastinating long enough that it finally cost me I finally ordered a Drobo. Something funky happened to my Aperture library and I lost about 100 images. I'm trying to see if I can recover them in the managed database but it's time I get a little more serious about my data back-up anyway.


Initially I wanted to fill it with two 1 TB hard drives (eventually expanding to 4). I was searching the web for good HDD prices but it's a time consuming process for something as dull a hard drives. I figured there must be some sort of one-stop site that lists the best HDD deals. If such a site exists I expect some of the experts here would be able to steer me in the right direction.


Since the Drobo will alert me when a drive is about to die I don't need quality HDD's. I just want the cheapest, highest capacity drives I can find. Actually, it looks like 750 GB might be the the sweet spot right now in terms of capacity/price ratio. Opinions?


Also, how far out are 2 TB consumer drives? The Drobo can access up to 8 TB and I'd like to add my music collection to the security of the Drobo at some point.

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