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Viva Pinata 2: Trouble in Paradise


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Some stuff from MS's event this week have started to leak. Teamxbox has posted Screenshots for the sequel of Viva Pinata. It will have a online co-op mode, that's all the details known so far. I know there are a lot of fans of the first game on the forum









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Good to see it hitting this year. I really enjoyed the first game. It got really repetitive though so I hope Rare manages to make this new one a deeper game. I'd like to know more about the online mode too. With Animal Crossing Wii coming in December this one will get steamrolled if it is anything less than outstanding.

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I'm so damn excited! :) Just looking at those screenshots and seeing the new pinatas makes me happy :) And is it winter in a couple of them? Is it going to have changing seasons, with pinatas you can only attract during certain seasons?!? :D

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Was reading some posts in a few other forums with people who never played the game asking why they made a sequel for VP. Well the reason is world wide it's sold 1.27 million copies (yes that includes after it was discounted as well). Now don't expect a Party Animals sequel as it hasn't hit 150,000 yet , and Target already discounted it to $10

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More info.


Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise will have gamers connecting through Xbox Live to collaborate on gardens for their living pinatas "as well as instantly introduce new pi?ata species to their garden through an innovative new feature utilizing the Xbox Live Vision Camera."
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Even if it requires the camera, I'm glad to see plans for additional content (like actual pinatas and not just accessories!) this time around.


Assuming they're not just on the disc and locked until you show the cards to the camera, that is :)

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Viva Pinata is the only game I have 1000/1000 gamerscore for :)


I'd seen the release date as Friday, but now it looks like it's shipping Tuesday like most games, so I hope to be diving in Wednesday afternoon. I'm super, super excited :)


P.S. Despite earlier DLC talk from the devs, I recently read somewhere that no DLC is planned as the team is going right to work on something else :(

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8.5 from IGN



Closing Comments

Viva Pi?ata Trouble in Paradise is a satisfying experience and should appeal to gardeners of all ages. And although Rare is not presenting anything remarkably new, it has added nearly everything many gamers found missing from the previous game, thus creating the definitive Viva Pi?ata experience. If you’ve never played the original, this is definitely the version to buy. If you already own the first Viva Pi?ata game, then whether or not to buy the sequel depends on what you found missing from the original. If you’ve been dying to play online with friends or on the couch with your kid, then the multiplayer modes in Trouble in Paradise will be reason enough for a purchase. Otherwise, it’s really just more of the same, much of which could have been handled through an expansion rather than an entirely new game.


9.0 Presentation

Rare has outdone itself in the cuteness department. The pi?atas are as colorful and vibrant as ever. Huge style with impressive depth.

8.0 Graphics

Very pretty, but the sluggishness of the first game is back.

8.5 Sound

Gardening in 5.1 surround is a real treat. You can hear creatures fluttering, chirping and dying all around you. The ho-hum music returns from the first game.

8.5 Gameplay

With the addition of multiplayer and new areas and pi?atas, Trouble in Paradise keeps Viva feeling fresh.

8.5 Lasting Appeal

Online and offline co-op play, 32 new critters and tons of hidden treats and treasures will keep you gardening.

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