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Digital TV switchover - helping non-HD family members


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Anyone else have some family they need to help with the digital TV transition? My Grandma has been watching just broadcast TV since ...well, before I was born.


I need to figure out some way to get her switched over without spending too much money (she grew up in the depression and doesn't like spending). She doesn't want to give up her console TV that sits on the floor. This would be her money on a fixed income (SS income, pension) so I want to keep her under the couple of hundred dollar range.


Unlike lots of folks like this she records a lot of TV shows - my wenchy Aunt helps her with it if she gets confused (Aunt has lived there with them since I was a kid). From what I understand the standard converter box only dumps out the video to channel 3 ala a VCR...so that's not really an option.


I was thinking DVD/VCR combo box with an ATSC tuner that downrezzes to composite video outs. My bitchy Aunt tried to tell me today that such a device didn't exist...this coming from the person that has never owned or touched any sort of HD. :lol She's the lonely, bitter catlady type that thinks she knows everything because someone at work told her something. *sigh*


Is there any other good option that might work for someone who tapes stuff? Is there a SD Tivo unit you can get Tivo Basic with that has an ATSC tuner maybe? Any other ideas?


I wish the analog converter boxes would just output a full range of analog stations to the TV so an oldschool VCR would work. Are there any like that?

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Actually they are giving rebates. here is the official site for it


We have two older non digital tv's. One is the small one my mom has in the kitchen, which she listens to while cooking, etc. However she plans on getting a new one soon, the other is in my aunt's which she will have to get a converter box for

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I thought the government was offering converter boxes fairly cheap? I should Google that one...


The converters just dump video out via channel 3 or composite video. Like a digital cable box.


Doesn't work with a VCR for taping stuff on a timer, etc. Maybe with an IR blaster of some sort...


I'm open to suggestions.

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