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Rock Revolution (RB/GH4 competitor!)


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Here's a direct link to the hands-on from IGN. It's by Kuju's "casual" studio called Zoe Mode, probably most famous for "Dancing With the Stars" etc... It's a strange piece of jumping on the bandwagon from Konami considering their Bemani/Guitar Freaks history.


The biggest issue here though is the lack of individuality we're feeling from Rock Revolution. If it's really going to be worth it to buy a new drum set (and perhaps a few guitars, if you don't already have some GH3 axes to rock with), the game better offer something that no other competitor does, and it can't just be two added buttons. More difficulty is great, but we'd take the Rock Band note layout over Rock Revolution's current offering any day of the week. More notes or not, it just isn't as fun; at least not yet.
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