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Mech Assault-The new modes and maps


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Well ill tell ya what. we are all getting our moneys worth with Mech Assault. This definatly means we are gonna have a Mech Tourney in the next few weeks


Ok everyone here are the new game types(DL in the patch) and maps


New Maps

Demolition -Cool Looking city where fighting in close quarters is the norm(playable in all modes but CTF)

Rock Solid -Takes place on a unstable asteroid(playable in all modes but CTF)

Jotenleim-The new capture the flag map. I havent really checked it out yet. Looks cool though (playable only in CTF)


New Modes

Scout Match and Team Scout Match -Like destruction but only for light mechs(only playable with Demolition and Rock Solid)

Skirmish and Team Skirmish -Like Destruction but only for light and medium mechs(only playable with Demolition and Rock Solod)

Giant Killers -Like Not It except only one person is a giant mech. Everyone else is a Elemental. Once a elemental kills the giant that person becomes the giant and so on. (I believe once again only playable with Demolition and Rock solid)

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