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Seagate 500 GB external HD $99.99

Bruce B

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I got my 500GB Western Digital at Circuit City for $119. Staples has been running sales on 500GB HDD externals, too; so keep an eye out there.


Even better. here ya go Josh. $79.99 after rebate



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UGH. You guys are killing me. I've been wanting to get an external drive for the new comp but man I don't want to spend another 80 bucks right now. A full terabyte of HDD space would be fantastic though....


Cmon Romier!

$80! Thats only a half a tank of gas!:P

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BTW, the Western Digital I got has a nice feature I haven't seen on other externals (not that looked too hard).


It puts itself into sleep when you turn off your PC (or Xbox 360) and comes back on with the system.


I got a Maxtor OneTouch 750GB drive at BB this weekend (on sale for $129), and it also does this. I'm only using it with the MacBook Pro, so I can't say if it also does it for the PC or 360.

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