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Master & Commander: Far Side of the World

Robot Monkey

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I am unfamiliar with O'Brian, but the movie does indeed look very cool.

Ditto! Again, Joel's do think alike! Of course my GF was like 'you seriously want to see that movie.' :lol:


Oh, and Joel, nice avatar,... where'd you find such a good shot, I was looking for a while before I settled. And, yep, I'm into her new show! Hope it survives through Friends last season.

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Originally posted by PhillyCritic@Nov 4 2003, 10:41 PM

It's a pretty good film. Two excellent battle sequences bookending a whole lot of chit-chatty drama that may or may not fascinate you. I found about half of the chit-chat stuff pretty involving so the flick gets a positive review from me.


On the 14th, that is. ;)

But, does the movie fail because it's not rated R? ;)

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Originally posted by Bryan_ZZ@Nov 6 2003, 08:07 AM

There was an interview with Peter Weir on NPR's Talk of the Nation yesterday. A good listen. Neil Conan also spoke with Patrick O'Brian's American book editor.


Peter Weir Interview

Thanks, Bryan. I usually keep NPR on during the day after Howard, so I don't know how I missed the interview!



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Originally posted by PoisonJam@Nov 5 2003, 10:24 AM

Hey, Scott, it's great to see you over here! I've been clicking on your site for two days to see if you've reviewed the new Matrix movie, and I see this morning that you have. Joy! Off to read it now, but welcome to LCVG!

Thanks! Generally I post my reviews on the film's opening day.


That should save you a few clicks. I do appreciate your readership very much. :)

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Originally posted by PoisonJam@Nov 6 2003, 07:58 PM

Is that Howard, as in Stern? You go from Howard Stern to NPR every day? Wow, if that isn't the most jarring transition I can think of... :)

Well, I listen to Howard Stern in the morning for news and information and then I switch to NPR for the humor.


Back on topic, sort of: Thanks for the interview links, I really enjoyed it (especially the 1995 POB interview!).


I'm looking forward to next Wednesday!



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Well, I just got back from an advance screening in Philly (using tickets kindly donated by Odie).


I loved it! I'm a big Patrick O'Brian fan, and I think it's fair to say that the film doesn't do the books justice. But what film could? I didn't care for the casting or characterization of Maturin, but on the whole, the film stands very well on its own.


A big thumbs up!



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