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Beyond Good and Evil 2


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Well, time to get kicked in the gut.


Beyond Good and Evil 2 apparently on hold


What sorry news; Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now definitely on hold.


Why oh why would Ubisoft put the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil on hold? Especially following the game's announcement and then the release of its first teaser trailer. This just sounds like a cruel joke.


The game's creative lead Michael Ancel talked about Beyond Good & Evil 2 as far back as May 2009, with Ubisoft confirming that the game was in development at UbiDays in Paris.


In April 2009 we again heard from Ancel that the game would be bigger and more immersive than its predecessor, despite the fact that full production had yet to begin. Still, we had the game's first in-engine teaser trailer to gawk over.


However, in July of this year, Ubisoft's North American president Laurent Detoc coldly put doubt into our minds:


"Whether or not it [beyond Good & Evil 2] comes out remains to be seen anyway, but we didn't want to abandon that IP because it has a cache and authenticity about it. There's something very pure about that game and it's too bad that we were not able to build it as an IP at the time."


"Well, I didn't say there's definitely going to be another game. I said something had leaked, which means we've been working on some Beyond Good and Evil stuff, but whether there's going to be another game or not, that's something for the future," Detoc added.


Now Gamersyde's Snoopers confirms that the game has been put on hold after being informed at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, tweeting:


"I got confirmation at Cologne's Gamescom that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is on hold for now. No idea if it's def or temporary but it sucks."



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Cancelled, not cancelled. *sigh*




Ubisoft has dismissed suggestions that Michel Ancel has left the company, confirming that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development.


Word of the Rayman creator's supposed departure appeared on the internet last week. It was said that Ancel had left to set up his own studio, and that the BG&E2 project had been cancelled as a result.


But a Ubisoft representative told Eurogamer, "There are no changes on the horizon."


When asked if that means Ancel is still at Ubi and that BG&E2 is still in development, the representative replied, "Yes."


It's been two years since the sequel was first announced, and since then there's been nothing more to see than the original teaser trailer. Here's hoping more is revealed soon.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Still alive.... long ways off


According to Ancel, BG&E2 is still in the works, but with a very small team that is working on tools for UBI to aid small teams in making 3D games similar to tools made for the new Rayman game the helped a small team make that 2D Game.


Also Read: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/ancel-using-small-team-to-make-bg-and-e2


Talks about how he was inspired by WETA.


I'm still in "Believe it when I see it" mode, but I'm glad it's not dead in the water.

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