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Celtics / Lakers NBA Final


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Celtics / Lakers NBA Final,... :ohyeah


The NBA doesn't get as much attention around here as say the NFL or MLB, hell even the NHL seems more popular with the LCVG crowd, but even the slightest fair weather basketball fan has to notice this year's NBA final.


I'm an ecstatic Celtics fan. Of course I've my main fever has been for the Celtics to make the finals, but the possibility of Celtics / Lakers has been a close second. I grew up in Boston during the 80's and nothing was bigger in sports than the NBA and this rivalry.


Sure the two rosters don't have the same rivalry/history as the organizations share, but hopefully that will develop over the next few weeks. :D


It should certainly be a good series. The two best teams this year going head to head, ya gotta love it!


Game 1: Thurs, June 5 @ Boston


Game 2: Sun, June 8 @ Boston


Game 3: Tues, June 10 @ Los Angeles


Game 4: Thurs, June 12 @ Los Angeles


Game 5: Sun, June 15 @ Los Angeles*


Game 6: Tues, June 17 @ Boston*


Game 7: Thurs, June 19 @ Boston*


* If Necessary

All Games 9:00 p.m. EST

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NBA is what sport again??? OOOHHH yea Ballet Dancing With a ball.....


I was a basketball fan up to about 10 years ago... Then stopped due to Bordum... Glad to see 2 of the all time popular teams facing off.. I won't be watching but hopefully it goes 7.

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I'm pretty sure the creator of this thread didn't intend for people to start saying "meh basketball sucks" and "this is what I prefer" type comments. :td


Really? The people chiming in to say "bckjntstballs is SUXORS, is gay ballet with ball!!!11!!!1" aren't doing the threadjacking?




King I was the one that put Thread jacking Cause I did.. And that quote makes no sense..If it hurts your feelings that your favorite sport is crap then for that Im sorry..


Woo.. Well seeing that this is the only basketball thread people are chatting in then i guess this is the right place.. Anything that you have to say, I really dont care anyway its all blah blah blah..


Any issues feel free to PM me


JTELLO My apologies to you for Screwing up your Post here...

Celtics in 7

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Obviously I'm pulling for the Celtics, but if I wasn't a Celtic fan I can't imagine pulling for Kobe. And there's no way in hell I'd pull for Kobe over KG.


Aside from Kobe's craptacular, selfish, me-first personality, he is an amazing player. Although he was expected to be a star player, I wonder how many people would have really predicted him to reach the elite level of skill he has?


I'm impressed, but I still want to see him fall short of the championship. :D


I think Kobe matches up against Ray Allen in the default rotations, but there's no way the Celtics would let that happen. I think Pierce and the bench subs did pretty well with Lebron, as much as they could be expected, so I'd expect a similar rotation on Kobe.


So, is anyone here a regular Lakers fan?

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I'm not a fan of what a lot of Athletes do off the field. However I am a big fan of kobe the basketball player. The guy is just amazing to watch playing the game. I have seen a few playoff games this year just to see him work his magic. I'm not a big basketball gan like I once was, but I will be tuning in to see the games this year

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Interesting, exciting, fun? Have you watched the Knicks play? Being a Knicks fan I have not had much reason to follow basketball. Anyway, I have found myself following it since the Lakers-Suns game after Shaq was traded and right thru the playoffs. So I have no problem saying Lakers in 6.

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Interesting, exciting, fun? Have you watched the Knicks play? Being a Knicks fan I have not had much reason to follow basketball.


Exactly. the most fun we have had as knicks fans in the last 5 years was the day Mr. Thomas was fired

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I'm not a huge NBA fan but the Celtics/Lakers matchup is what we wanted to see. I'd want the Celtics to win because of Allen/KG but I just don't see it happening this year. They are very thin in several places which is showing up during games.


Lakers in 5. The Celtics just don't play well on the road.


Boston should thank Seattle for being idiots and giving up their best player (although they've ALWAYS done that in the past!).

It makes sense. The Sonics are going young and Allen doesn't help that and they are leaving Seattle anyway :)


Aside from Kobe's craptacular, selfish, me-first personality

This year he seems to have changed a bit. He started out the year that way but his team has been playing like a team all year. Credit Phil Jackson who should IMHO break a record for NBA championships this year. Yes he coached Jordan but I think he is far underrated as an NBA legendary coach. He doesn't get that much respect sadly.

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Boston won twice in Detroit in the eastern confernece playoffs so I think they have done some growing up in these playoffs. You gotta remember this is the first time this bunch has been in the playoffs together. I'm not surprised they struggled early in the playoffs at all (ok going 7 against the Hawks DID surprise me and had me questioning the Celtics toughness). I was surprised by Allens long slump. One of the best pure shooters ever to play the game looked like he had zero confidence for a stretch there. Not sure how much was physical and how much was mental. Personally I think as Rondo goes so do the Celtics. He needs to show some confidence in hitting that mid range jumper because teams are daring him to take it. He becomes a big liability when he is being passive.

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So, is anyone here a regular Lakers fan?


Living in L.A., I've been watching the Lakers since the early 80's so seeing a Lakers/Celtics Finals brings back all kinds of memories. However, this isn't Pat Riley's Lakers with Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, etc. vs. K.C. Jones' Celtics with Bird, McHale, Parish, Ainge, etc.


I think this Lakers' frontline is too long, athletic, and quick for this Celtics team.


I think this Lakers' bench is too deep for this Celtics team.


I think this Celtics team's coach, Doc Rivers, is going to be outcoached by this Lakers' team's coach, Phil Jackson.


I think this Celtics team, like all NBA teams, cannot stop Kobe.


I think this Lakers team will split the first two games in Boston and then win the next three at home.


I think Kobe will be adding another MVP award to go along with his regular season MVP award.

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I just want to see Kobe win a ring without Shaq. Kobe (in my opinion) is 100x the baller that Shaq ever was. I see the Lakers winning in 6.


<Shaq bash>I am not a Shaq fan, at all. Hey, if I was as big as he was, I'd be pretty damn good in the paint, too - and probably have a higher free throw percentage. You know those kiddie basketball sets made by Fisher Price that have a max height of like 4 feet? When my kid was younger I would dunk over his 3 year old punk ass, and pretend to be Shaq. Basketball is so much easier when you are bigger and heavier than your opponent. :) </ end Shaq bash>


And JTello, I didn't mean to crap in your thread earlier. My rankings were in response to King's claim that "Basketball is more interesting, exciting, and fun than all other team sports combined." I'm not a big fan, but I do tune in for game 7's.

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Great 1st game!


Pierce going out was scary for the Celtics chances, but it great the way he came back and hit the back to back three's. Going forward though, I am concerned that he may have been more seriously injured than it appeared after the comeback.


It was great to see Kobe clanking some of his shots. The Celtics covered him well. I do suspect that 24 points will be Kobe's lowest output of the series though.


One thing that really annoys me is the tip off time for the Finals games. Seriously, from an east coast perspective, it's stupid that games play out to midnight and later.


That said, ... Can't wait for game two!

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I must admit I'm a Celtic bandwagoner this year. I checked out when Bird checked out and have not paid attention again until this year.

After being an embarrassment recently its good to see them have a quality team.

Hope Red is able to light up a cigar in his coffin!

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