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Movie night start time! Nov 8th -LIVE Chat: MST2K3


What time should the crowing begin?  

  1. 1. What time should the crowing begin?

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Movie Night / LIVE Chat: MST2K3


November 8th


(Time - See The Poll in this same forum to vote for the start time, 9pm or 10pm EST.)


Vote for your movie pick, and remember - You nominated these fine film selections, so please give yourselves fifty whacks and bow your heads in shame. :oops:


And don't forget to vote for the movie start time in the other poll-->here!

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Thanks again for running with this, Joel.


It will be tricky to synchronize the pushing of "play" on our DVD players, but once we get that going, should make for a fun night.


I hope Star Wars wins. I can't wait to posit my theory on why Jar-Jar deserves credit for being the ultimate hero of the Star Wars Saga.





(And yes I'm serious.)

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While trying to merge the two polls for the movie chat thread, I inadvertenly deleted one of them.


So I am closing this poll. A new one with the choices for the films,along with how to vote for the chat time, can be found here.


If you have any questions/comments,please contact me.


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