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FS: Wil Package and PSP Package


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Hello all...


I simply don't have time to play this with all the other stuff I do... no reason to leave it sitting here, so up for sale:


Wii Console, 2 Wii-motes, 1 Nunchuck, 1 classic controller, Wii-Sports.

Component cables from Nintendo & the normal RCA connections as well.

$40 in Wii points on the system still remain & Opera Web Browser is installed.

StarFox 64 and Mario 64 on the Wii already with Virtual Console.


Mario Galaxy

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Metroid Prime


Sorry, won't break this up... I'm going "bundle"!


$400 shipped


PSP - Silver Daxter package - Like new, never really even used it. Put a screen protector on it before ever turning it on... perfect, no scratches, no dead pixels. The only game I ever played on it was God or War. So, I'd guess I put about 7 hours into it total in the last 10 months since buying it.


1 Silver PSP

1 gig Pro stick

Daxter UMD

Family Guy UMD

Lumines 2 UMD

Wipeout Pure UMD


$180 shipped


Many of you know me, and if you don't, I've sold here before and members can vouch for me... any questions at all, just PM me.


Also, pictures can be taken if requested... just ask.


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Ok... let's drop the price one more final time... then it's hitting Craig's List...


Wii bundle - $375 shipped

PSP bundle - $160 shipped


Also, I am now selling my 8 gig iPod Touch, it's jailbroken already, but I can put it back to defaults if you wish. 2 cases, one neopreen, and one belkin fold over... plus an iPod AC Charger will be included.


$185 shipped

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If you get a chance... just go to YouTube and do iPod Touch Jailbreak. It's basically a program that runs on the main screen. You can install 1000's of different programs from the open source community. Games, video players, quotes of the day, 1000's of free programs. Plus it allows you to download the iPhone programs: Mail, Stocks, iCal and Weather. They are on there and working, no problem.



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